HeyBryan Media Inc.

12:00 PM EST - HeyBryan Media Inc. : Reported a significant increase in the number of completed tasks in the month of November, leading to increased revenue. These impressive results were fuelled by last month's rapid growth in new Expert acquisition across multiple task categories and geographies. Expert acquisition grew by 167% in November, thanks to HeyBryan's AI-enabled, data-driven programmatic marketing campaign. Using AI-driven platform HeyBryan is able to predictably understand the outcomes of its Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and the results speak for themselves. As HeyBryan continues to add investment to its strategic marketing campaigns, these numbers will continue on this trend. Lance Montgomery, CEO Of HeyBryan, commented: "We are happy to see all aspects of our business growing at a steady rate. There is certainly an urgent need for our service as we notice more and more customers signing up every day, and an outstanding rate of Expert acquisition shows that there is talent out there waiting to be engaged. The gig economy is growing at a remarkable pace, especially in North America, and HeyBryan wants to be part of the movement." HeyBryan Media Inc. shares HEY:CNX are trading unchanged at $0.95.