Else Nutrition Holdings Inc.

10:17 AM EST - Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. : Announced that its novel, first of its kind plant-based soy free Complete & clean label Nutrition for Toddlers is now available for U.S customers via Amazon.com. Else is expanding into the world's largest online retailer as consumers continue to eat more meals at home and increasingly rely on grocery delivery services, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon saw online grocery sales triple year-over-year during the second quarter of 2020, as more customers continue to get their groceries delivered rather than going to a physical store. "We're thrilled to offer Else Nutrition's products US nation wide on Amazon.com," said Mrs. Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO and Co-Founder of Else. "With the launch of our plant-based Toddler complete nutrition, we've been getting many requests from customers who want to purchase our product on Amazon.com. This is a tremendous convenience and accessibility boost using the world's largest e-commerce platform - as we continue our singular focus to bring novel, plant-based, clean nutrition to families," she added. Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. shares V.BABY are trading up 5.63 percent at $2.44.