Drone Delivery Canada Corp.

10:25 AM EST - Drone Delivery Canada Corp. : Provided an update on the Condor drone based on recent successful testing at the Foremost UAS Test Range, in Foremost, Alberta, Canada. The Company is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed further testing of the Condor, including testing as related to: cold-weather performance, wind performance, cargo-area temperature profiles, long-duration flight testing, aircraft attitude and position controller tuning, autonomy, and autonomous waypoint navigation. These attributes are important with respect to commercial / industrial applications and healthcare cargo, especially biologicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. "We are very pleased with the ongoing successful testing of our Condor delivery drone. The Sparrow, Robin XL and Condor all have unique use-case applications based on range and payload capabilities, and we are excited to have the two additional models coming to market. The Sparrow continues to operate successfully at current customer projects. Robin XL & Condor solution pre-selling efforts are underway and market response has been very favourable in Canada and internationally, and we are working to close a number of specific prospective opportunities," said Michael Zahra , President & CEO of DDC. Drone Delivery Canada Corp. shares V.FLT are trading off 1.85 percent at $1.86.

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