WELL Health Technologies Corp.

11:06 AM EST - WELL Health Technologies Corp. : Announced its apps.health marketplace and WELL EMR Group have launched an API (or "Application Programming Interface") that supports the key industry interoperability standard known as FHIR (or " Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources "). FHIR is an emerging standard for exchanging healthcare data which has been broadly adopted in the U.S. and is being implemented in many other countries including Canada. In addition, major consumer and cloud technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have publicly committed to the FHIR standard and have incorporated FHIR capabilities into their web service offerings. Apple first announced its adoption of FHIR in 2018 with iOS11 and Apple Health Record. WELL Health Technologies Corp. shares T.WELL are trading down $0.24 at $7.59.

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