Jericho Energy Ventures

09:24 AM EST - Jericho Energy Ventures : Announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies, has filed for a series of new provisional patents associated with the advancements of its second generation hydrogen boiler with the US Patent and Trademark Office. On May 26, 2021, JEV announced the launch of HT's newest Generation 2.0 cleanH2steam Dynamic Combustion Chamber™ Boiler 3000 Series design. The second generation DCC™ Boiler has an improved and streamlined fuel delivery system featuring high precision mass flow meters, increased process monitoring and remote management options. Improvements were also made to the ignitor design providing optimum combustion resulting in higher thermal efficiencies. The enhanced engineering design was also accompanied by an active procurement strategy which led to metallurgy changes that address the current high cost and long lead time of stainless steel in global supply chains. Jericho Energy Ventures shares V.JEV are trading unchanged at $0.78.

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