Pure Extracts Technologies Corp

10:33 AM EST - Pure Extracts Technologies Corp : Announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pure Extracts Manufacturing Corp., has successfully delivered orders in 4 provinces for over 2,000 cases of its new, high potency, 1 g vape carts. This Pure PullsTM branded product called Pure Pulls High THC 9 lb Hammer is now available in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. This new distillate vape product with its up to 90% THC potency has been created by Pure Extracts from its IP consisting of 30+ proprietary formulations and will compliment the Company’s 1g full spectrum oil vapes and Pure Chews THC edibles gummies and Pure Chews edible CBD gummies. Pure Extracts Technologies Corp shares C.PULL are trading unchanged at $0.02.

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