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Meridian Mining UK S

09:50 AM EST - Meridian Mining UK S : Announced the positive results of the Preliminary Economic Assessment led by Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc. for the Cabaçal gold-copper deposit in Brazil. The PEA study confirms the economic potential of the project, positioning it as a promising growth opportunity for the company. Cabaçal 2023 PEA Highlights: Base case after-tax NPV5 of $778 Million and 58.4% IRR using $1,650/oz gold, $3.59/lb copper, and $21.35/oz silver. Spot case after-tax NPV5 of $1.01 Billion and 69.7% IRR using3 $1,841/oz gold, $4.13/lb copper, and $21.35/oz silver. Meridian Mining UK S shares T.MNO are trading up $0.11 at $0.52.