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Pulse Oil Corp.

10:08 AM EST - Pulse Oil Corp. : Provided summary results of its third-party December 31, 2022 year-end reserve report. Reserve Results Highlights: Proved and Probable reserves increased to 5.711 million barrels of oil equivalent of which 91.4% is oil, condensate and natural gas liquids from 2.17 million BOE (FY 2021) of which 83.1% is oil, condensate and NGL’s, an increase of 163%.; Net present value of proved and probable reserves (NPV10%) increased to $55.718 million net to Pulse, up from $34.589 million in 2021, an increase of 61.1%; Proved reserves increased to 3.987 million BOE up from 1.38 million BOE in 2021, an increase of 188.6%. Pulse Oil Corp. shares V.PUL are trading unchanged at $0.07.