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Facebook Drivers on Way Out

Facebook’s plans to cut costs combined with the company’s relaxed remote work policies set the stage for a bunch of shuttle bus staffers to lose their jobs.

WeDriveU, a key vendor which Meta (NASDAQ:META) uses for its commuter shuttles, said it will be reducing staff in and around the social media company’s Silicon Valley headquarters by nearly 100 people beginning in November, according to an employment filing.

Most are drivers, and some are dispatchers, operations managers and supervisors.

Meta shuttle vendor Hallcon Corporation, meanwhile, said it’s laying off 63 staffers from its San Francisco location around Nov. 25, due to a “significant draw down of client services,” according to a separate filing.
“Some employees may be maintained or recalled to work,” a human resources director at Hallcon wrote in the filing. “However, no Hallcon Company employee who is being laid off should count on being recalled.”

Meta has cut shuttle staffers from other contractor firms as well, according to Stacy Murphy, officials with Teamsters Bay Area Local 853, a union with over 15,000 members in industries including transportation. The union said all of the layoffs are coming from one company: Meta.

META shares collapsed $4.81, or 3.7%, to $126.72.