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HeartCore Slides on Actiquest Deal

HeartCore Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: HTCR) shares moved downward Monday, the enterprise software and consulting services company based in Tokyo announced that its subsidiary, Sigmaways, Inc., has engaged San Francisco-based Actiquest to implement digital transformation, technology consulting services, and investor and marketing strategies onto its AI Sport Coaching platform.

Actiquest is a pioneer in the AI for Sports industry, developing advanced technology for AI based sports coaching and training with the goal of creating personalized, adaptive training experiences for athletes. Through this strategic collaboration, Actiquest is set to elevate its AI-based capabilities by leveraging the robust software development expertise of Sigmaways and HeartCore.

The synergy between Sigmaways’ advanced technological capabilities and Actiquest’s innovative products aims to not only refine existing AI models but also foster new developments in AI technology. This agreement represents a significant stride in advancing the dynamic sports coaching market, where AI-driven technologies such as computer vision and generative AI are poised to play a pivotal role in tailoring personalized training regimens and enhancing overall performance for each individual athlete.

This strategic collaboration signifies a deep integration of shared visions, leveraging AI technology for impactful applications not only in sports but across critical sectors like healthcare, education, and business analytics. Actiquest’s innovative technological approach to sports training stands as a guiding force for Sigmaways and HeartCore to elevate their AI development strategies, serving to advance the trajectory of AI for broader impacts across diverse fields.

HTCR shares gave back 5.5 cents, or 7.9%, to 64 cents.