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Tuesday's Biggest Movers

After splitting its shares ten-for-one, Nvidia (NVDA), as expected, was the second most actively traded stock on Monday at 309.9 million shares. These days, the most active stocks by trading volume do not mean much. Nano-cap stocks are often among the heavily traded stocks.

On Monday, 14 out of 20 companies were micro-cap firms or smaller.

Among the Magnificent 7, watch Meta Platforms (META) add to its rally. The stock gained 1.96% yesterday. The social media firm will use posts from Europeans who shared content publicly to train its AI, the Llama large language model.

Watch Bond Markets

Bond yields are today’s most important numbers to watch. The FOMC will start its meeting today to deliberate on its monetary policy. Markets widely expected the Fed will hold interest rates at current levels. However, the Fed may add dovish commentary that implies rate cuts within the next few months.

Markets are already betting on higher rates for longer. Quality bonds are becoming more appealing alongside technology stocks. Investors are choosing chip leaders like ASML, Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM), Nvidia, and Qualcomm (QCOM) as long-term holds.

Expect higher volatility for stocks hitting new 52-week highs. Watch Applied Materials (AMAT), Micron (MU), HCA (HCA), Iron Mountain (IRM), and Eli Lilly (LLY).