UAHC Jumps on Patent Pending Technology

A Chicago firm had cheerful news to finish off the week leading up to Easter.

A subsidiary of United American Healthcare Corporation (OTC:UAHC), an emerging technology holding company, announced it had acquired the intellectual property rights, from company President Timothy J. Madden, to patent pending technology that provides a method to genetically modify plant crops in tissue culture and then propagate these crops to maturity in automated controlled environment agriculture production systems.

The published patent application allows for plant breeding or propagation using numerous techniques, such as cross pollination, marker assisted selection, cloning, and genetic modification, to develop enhanced varieties without the use of transgenic modification

Said Madden, "We produce our TK rubber dandelion crop indoors eliminating most of the negative environmental variables associated with conventional agriculture, allowing us the ability to utilize this cutting-edge technology to focus on sustainably enhancing key desirable traits already in the plants with the goal of improving natural rubber yield and increasing profitability without the use of additional resources."

Shares in UAHC climbed 1.27 cents, or 5.9%, to 22.77 cents.