This Healthcare Stock Pays Investors 5.5% and Looks Like a Solid Long-Term Buy

Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (NYSE:MPW) offers investors an attractive way to generate some recurring income while also investing in healthcare.

With properties all over the world, and a big presence in Europe and North America, investors get a good amount of diversification with the stock. Healthcare is generally one of the safer segments to invest in, given the necessity that it is.

The company has many different types of hospitals as well, ranging from acute care to rehabilitation to long-term acute care. That too, helps make the stock even stronger as it offers more diversification than the company’s assets simply being located all over the globe.

The stock has done very well this year, with year-to-date returns of around 18%. And despite the impressive performance thus far, it’s still a good value pick for price-conscious investors.

With a price-to-earnings ratio of just seven, it’s a cheap buy that investors can hang on to for the long term. Not only has the company been expanding over the years and seeing its sales increase, but profits have been growing as well. Last year, operating income of $561 million was up 16% year over year and since 2015 they have more than doubled.

On top of all that growth and those strong results, Medical Properties also pays a very good dividend of 5.5% per year. That’s a pretty high yield, especially given the company has been known to raise its payouts.

Overall, the stock is a great pick for any type of investor as it offers growth, dividends, and lots of value.