The Little-Known Biotech Company That Is Aiming To Transform Healthcare

One under-the-radar company looks to be an absolute game-changer for the healthcare industry.

That’s because, despite “Big Pharma’s” massive resources and staggering amounts of spending, no large pharmaceutical company has ever been able to solve the industry’s most critical problem.

That problem is a woefully inefficient drug development process. 

Drug development for major pharmaceutical companies can take as long as a decade...and cost hundreds of billions of dollars in research and development. 

Yet a small, little-known company – which could become a truly disruptive cannabis player – now appears uniquely positioned to upend the drug development market by developing evidence-based cannabis products to combat many of the world’s most serious medical conditions. 

Juva Life (CSE:JUVA; OTC:JUVAF) is a California-based life science company – with roots in the cannabis industry, that is aiming at outsized profit potential by working to unlock the boundless therapeutic value of cannabis. 

By potentially solving the massive problem that Big Pharma doesn’t like to admit, this small company offers the chance for true “market disruption” in this aspect of healthcare.

This company’s story is truly amazing: Juva Life is a small, research-based company – led by a team of cannabis pioneers – that is working hard to do what Big Pharma can’t.

They’re aiming to create targeted health solutions much faster – and much cheaper – than large pharmaceutical companies are capable of... by following a strict, science-based approach. 

And while the company is a relative unknown at the moment, the nature of their work means that a great deal of attention could soon be headed their way.

Cannabis Revenues Support Potentially Massive, Research-Based Therapeutics Development

Before examining the high upside potential of Juva Life’s natural product therapies, it’s important to understand that the company’s work in this area is built on a solid foundation of vertical integration. 

That’s because Juva Life essentially consists of two businesses that support each other in a way that allows for significant potential upside. 

The first business is the company’s cannabis business – a vertically integrated cannabis operation located in northern California. Their cannabis business includes manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, and delivery capabilities, allowing it to take advantage of the massive California cannabis market. 

We’ll examine their cannabis business in greater detail in just a moment. For now, keep in mind this important fact: Their cannabis business can create the infrastructure and revenue to support the company’s potentially far more lucrative research therapeutics division. 

Here’s what Juva Life’s (CSE:JUVA; OTC:JUVAF) research is all about...

The current healthcare model is simply not working for millions of people. 

Optimal health solutions simply aren’t available in many cases because of our slow drug development process. 

In order to develop a pharmaceutical-based drug – one that can be prescribed by a doctor – a company must be ready to invest up to 10 years of research and development along with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars.

We now know that this is a woefully inefficient model, which is why they are working to offer a potentially faster process for cannabis-based alternatives.

Juva Life is building a novel technology platform founded on a more efficient clinical development pathway. 

This science-based approach offers a potentially game-changing alternative to what Big Pharma is currently offering the market. They are working to develop effective, targeted health solutions -- based on hard scientific evidence -- much more rapidly and at far less cost than Big Pharma is currently capable of.

To date, there has been limited working knowledge and standard practice in the pharmacology of cannabis...but Juva Life is working quickly to change that in a significant way. 

Addressing the Increasing Demand for Evidence-Based, Natural Product Therapies

There’s no question that both consumers and investors are aware of the role that cannabis can play in helping to improve people’s health. 

In addition, many states – along with the federal government – are in the process of easing regulations on cannabis. 

This increase in awareness, combined with easing regulations, means that demand is increasing for evidence-based cannabis products that address serious medical conditions. 

Juva Life (CSE:JUVA; OTC:JUVAF) is now working to meet that demand using a research-based approach. 

The company is led by a team of cannabis industry pioneers and scientists – including Doug Chloupek, the recipient of the very first permit ever issued in the state of California – with expertise in the science of cannabis for product development. 

Rather than pursue FDA approvals that could take up to ten years, their therapeutics division is involved in medicinal cannabis-based product research that is designed to be far more efficient. 

Using IRB-approved patient research registries and their collection of real-world data with patient-reported and clinical outcomes, their research division will work to develop a wide range of pharmacy-grade cannabis products.

These products will each be rigorously tested, and meticulously formulated.

Perhaps best of all, this efficient clinical development pathway – with a laser-like focus on consumer needs – are aimed to help the company develop these products much more quickly than traditional drug development with far less risk and at significantly less cost. 

This type of product development should also – for the first time – allow consumers to take the guesswork out of medical cannabis and get the right solution for their specific medical condition. 

It’s a truly scientific approach – one that can be licensed to drug developers to help accelerate their research trials. 

Juva Life’s Research-Based Tech Platform Offers Valuable Potential for Big Pharma

If successful, Juva Life’s research-based technology platform for drug development could be an absolute game-changer – but it offers even greater potential than simply offering products directly to consumers. 

The company’s tech platform, as well as its ever-growing database of information on specific efficacies of medical cannabis – would then be likely to attract significant attention from “Big Pharma.” 

The reason is simple: 

One of Big Pharma’s biggest problems is the mountains of money it costs and the time it takes to get new pharmaceutical drugs approved. 

Juva Life’s (CSE:JUVA; OTC:JUVAF) research protocols, already approved by the Western Institutional Review Board, could speed up the process dramatically. 

And the company is compiling massive amounts of data, including statistically relevant information about how specific products and cannabis strains demonstrate efficacy when treating specific ailments. 

That type of information “bank” could prove to be exceptionally valuable to large drug manufacturers.  

At this moment, they appear to be a company with a valuable database on medical cannabis as well as a research-based tech platform for more rapid product development.

Those are the types of things that when successful make a company an especially attractive acquisition target as Big Pharma looks to shorten its drug development times and build a base of knowledge about the effectiveness of natural solutions. 

Juva Life’s Cannabis Operations Offer Short-Term Revenue Opportunities 

As a vertically integrated company, they pursue four revenue streams. We’ve already examined the company’s potential in the area of medical research.

In addition to their research, Juva Life’s manufacturing, delivery, and retail revenue streams provide significant upside potential that helps fund the company’s medical research efforts. 

Think of it as a vertically integrated cannabis business – with estimated production capabilities of 865 pounds of cannabis flower per month – PLUS a high potential life science business that could attract significant acquisition attention from Big Pharma.

In terms of the cannabis revenue streams, they have...

1. ManufacturingJuva Manufacturing will create Juva Life’s in-house brands as well as white label products for other licensed recreational and medical cannabis companies. 

2. DeliveryJuva Delivery is a network of cannabis delivery companies that service the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities within the state of California and currently generates at a run rate of $2.5 million in annual revenue for the company. Juva Delivery offers a broad array of the best, most trusted, lab-tested products – from flower, pre-rolls, and health-conscious edibles to tinctures, creams, transdermal patches, and much more. 

3. RetailJuva Retail is a network of cannabis facilities that will serve the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities within the state of California. This includes a 1,000 square-foot dispensary in Hayward as well as having recently obtained an option on a high visibility retail location in downtown Redwood City. The company has applief for a retail cannabis sales license in Redwood City. The addition of storefront retail could act as a regional brand multiplier and centralized focus for enhanced consumer awareness campaigns.

Juva Life Was Founded by True Pioneers of the Cannabis Industry

Unlike so many current cannabis start-ups emerging from the finance, alcohol, or retail industries, Juva Life (CSE:JUVA; OTC:JUVAF) is led by a team of distinguished industry veterans with experience in every facet of the process.

From cultivation through manufacturing, quality control, testing and research, distribution, and retail customer experience, they bring together a best-in-class team.

This team includes...

Doug Chloupek – Founder, CEO and Chairman
Doug has worked across a range of verticals and brought multiple new businesses to life. Valley Grown Enterprises, Lux Wellness, and Medmar Healing Center, to name a few, have created tangible value for both consumers and investors alike. His work co-founding BAS Research led to it being granted the first California license, issued by the City of Berkeley in 2016, for medical cannabis manufacturing and research. Doug is a founding Board Member of Citizens Coalition for Patient Care, and a founding member of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

Neil Ruditsky – Chief Operations Officer
Neil has spent more than two decades in senior leadership positions in the hospitality and cannabis industries. Under his leadership, Elemental Wellness grew from $4M to $20M in four years.

Dan Hughes – VP of Operations
Dan entered the cannabis industry in 2010 as one of the first employees of Steep Hill. He has a proven track record of growing sales in cannabis retail for over 5 years including at Elemental Wellness where he served as Operations Manager and Director of Product Management. Highly skilled in marketing and product development, Dan has been the visionary behind several successful brand collaborations. Prior to joining Juva, Dan was serving as an industry consultant facilitating statewide distribution for premier cannabis brands.

Other members of the team who are not from the cannabis industry:

Sanjeev Gangwar, Ph.D. – VP of Chemistry
Sanjeev has an extensive track record of discovering and developing pharmaceutical drug candidates. Prior to joining Juva, he served as Director of Oncology Discovery Chemistry for Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global biopharma company, where he successfully discovered and developed novel classes of cancer therapeutics. In his career spanning 25 years, Sanjeev has focused on oncology and immuno-oncology research and held R&D leadership roles in several biopharmaceutical companies. He earned his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry/Natural products at the University of Arizona and completed his postdoctoral training in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Kansas. Sanjeev is co-inventor of 45 patents, has co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed papers, and has presented his work at numerous international conferences.

Rakesh R. Patel, MD – Board of Directors & Chairman, Clinical Advisory Board
A renowned Oncologist and clinical researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 150 worldwide lectures and 100 publications to-date, Dr. Patel is also a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple healthcare start-ups. He is currently practicing in the Bay Area with Precision Cancer Specialists Medical Group.

Guy Miller, MD, Ph.D. – Chairman, Science Advisory Board 
Guy Miller, MD, Ph.D. directs Juva Life’s science advisory board. In this capacity, he is responsible for synthesizing the company’s business and technical strategy into a cohered R/D plan, and working with the internal team and external experts to drive corporate objectives. Dr. Miller holds both a Ph.D. in chemistry and an MD, completing his training at the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He is currently the founder and CEO of Wheel Biology, Inc., chairman of the board of directors, Pneumico, Inc., and an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. He possesses broad expertise in natural products pharmacology, drug development, and innovation.

Pat Whitworth, MD – Research Advisor 
A leading researcher, educator, and cancer surgeon, Dr. Whitworth completed his fellowship at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. He is a principle investigator for numerous NCI and industry clinical trials.

Bottom Line:

* Juva Life is a vertically-integrated cannabis company – founded by pioneers in the science and business of cannabis.

* The company’s growing cannabis business is designed to serve the massive California market...and also to help support the company’s research business, which has the potential to deliver tailored medical cannabis healthcare products.

* Juva Life’s knowledge-driven approach to cannabis-based research and drug development is designed to lower costs, reduce risk, and drastically reduce drug development time. 

* By efficiently bringing evidentiary, cannabis-based consumer products to market that are shown to target specific health issues, Juva Life represents a true potential game-changer for a segment of the healthcare industry.

* The company’s accumulation of data and research – along with its drug development plans – could make it an attractive potential acquisition target for large pharmaceutical companies, a scenario that could offer significant value to early shareholders. 

Other companies set to win big in Cannabis 2.0:

Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY) is a leader in Canada’s cannabis industry. With a near-billion-dollar market cap, Tilray is well-positioned to benefit from the ongoing wave of legalization – both medicinal and recreational – in the United States. Following the recent elections, five more states voted to legalize medical or recreational cannabis, and Tilray is optimistic that other states will follow.

CEO Brendan Kennedy noted, "Adult-use legalization in New Jersey is likely to have a domino effect on the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, as elected officials are worried that their residents will go to New Jersey to purchase product and thereby not generate tax dollars in their home state.” Kennedy also noted that the pandemic could act as a catalyst in speeding up legalization, as well.

Though Tilray’s financials took a hit, as did most of the stock market, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its most recent earnings report was a lot milder than expected. While it still posted a loss, it was significantly less than Wall Street had expected. As a result, the company’s share price mostly stabilized by December. This year started off with a bang, however. In just two weeks, Tilray is climbed by over 95%. And Biden’s inauguration could be yet another catalyst to send it even higher.

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRBP) is a pioneering biopharmaceutical firm with a strong focus on treatments targeting the endocannabinoid system. The companies treatments include medication and therapies for systemic sclerosis, dermatomyositis, cystic fibrosis, and system lupus erythematosus.

Corbus specializes in synthetic cannabinoids, or artificial versions of natural molecules derived from cannabis. These alternatives hold many advantages over natural plant-based cannabinoids, as they are easier to produce and offer a purity that cannabis simply cannot offer. Because of this, research in this area is desirable, and will assuredly play a major role in helping scientists peel back the mysteries within the endocannabinoid system.

Corbus Pharmaceuticals started 2020 off strong, even resisting the wider-market downturn that saw many industries shed billions upon billions of dollars off their market caps. It did hit a snag, however, in September when its drug, Lenabasum, failed in phase III clinical trials to treat symptoms of a condition called diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. Corbus saw its share price plummet by 77% in the following days, remaining stuck in the $1.50 range for the next few months. Since the beginning of the year, however, Corbus has seen increased interest in its stock, resulting in share prices climbing by 36% since January 4th.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB, TSX:ACB)  is one of the biggest names in the burgeoning marijuana sector. With a market cap over $2.19 billion, Aurora has carved out its position as a leader in the industry. Over the past couple of years, Aurora has completed a number of high-profile takeovers, including the buyout of CanniMed and MedReleaf. And the company is still making moves.

Recently, Aurora closed a $173 million public offering to fund new growth opportunities in the sector, selling 23 million shares at $7.50 per unit. And the timing is perfect as a number of U.S. states have just approved new regulations surrounding medical and recreational cannabis use.

Though Aurora had a tough year in 2020, seeing its share price fall 67% from $21.96 to $8.31 on the last trading day in December, the decline does present an opportunity for investors looking to gain exposure to the budding cannabis market as positive sentiment slowly begins to return to the sector. And it’s already beginning to materialize. Since the start of the year, Aurora has already climbed by 38%, and it may just be getting started. 

Contrary to Aurora, Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC, TSX:WEED) had a pretty stellar 2020. Though the company posted a lost in year-over-year revenue, its stock price has remained resilient thanks to its big-name partnerships. In fact, just this year, beverage giant Constellation Brands, increased its stake in the cannabis producer to 38.6%.

Bill Newlands, president and CEO of Constellation Brands explained, "While global legalization of cannabis is still in its infancy, we continue to believe the long-term opportunity in this evolving market is substantial. Canopy is the best position to win in the emerging cannabis space and we are confident in the strategic direction of the company under David Klein and his team."

In another headline-grabbing partnership, Canopy Growth recently announced the launch of Martha Stewart CBD edibles. The collaboration includes a 60-count box featuring 15 season flavors including Passionfruit, Calamondin, and Quince. The box retails for $64.99 and is already available for purchase on Canopy’s website.

Thanks to these strategic moves, Canopy saw its share price jump from its March low of $10.37 to today’s high of $33.38, representing a 221% increase for investors who jumped in at the right time. And as bullish news continues to mount for the emerging industry, Canopy will likely be one of the biggest benefactors.

Following its July slump, Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON, TSX: CRON) has seen a surge in trading volume, with a renewed investor interest which has also been reflected in its share price. Since September, the company has seen its share price jump from $5.04 to a price of $11.23 today. That’s a 122% return in just a few short months. Not too shabby.  

The Canadian firm, though primarily an equity investor, has made some major moves in recent years, wheeling and dealing with some of the hottest names in the sector. Because of its forward-thinking attitude, it has drawn the attention of many major mainstream players, including the company behind Marlboro, Altria Group, which purchased a 45% stake in the company in 2018 for a total of $2.4 billion.

Despite the relatively tough year, new president and CEO of Cronos Group, Kurt Schmidt remained optimistic, noting in the most recent earnings call that “Our [Cronos Group] value will come from technology breakthroughs and branded sales that will help establish relationships with our consumers. There's top-tier talent across this organization and I'm excited to lead this impressive team into the next phase of growth.”

Emblem Corp. (TSX.V:EMC) is a leading licensed marijuana producer in Canada. With a number of cannabis-based products, Emblem works closely with the medical community to ensure both patients and physicians have the information necessary to make decisions regarding treatments involving marijuana.

Recently, Emblem completed testing on a new oral extended-release product with partner Canntab Therapeutics. With the successful tests, the companies announced that they will be moving forward into clinical trials.

Namaste Technologies Inc (TSX.V:N) through its subsidiaries, operates as a retailer of a variety of marijuana products, including vaporizers and other smoking accessories. The company sells its goods through e-commerce sites operating in 26 countries. In addition to its accessory business, Namaste also engages in product development and the distribution of medical cannabis products in Canada.

This month, Namaste announced that it will be taking 100% ownership of CannMart Labs. Meni Morim, Chief Executive Officer of Namaste, noted of the transaction, "Acquiring the remaining interest in CannMart Labs is another important milestone achieved in establishing Namaste as a leading company within the Canadian cannabis sector,"

By. Andy York


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