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Amazon Introduces A.I. Chatbot For Businesses

E-commerce company Amazon (AMZN) has introduced a new artificial intelligence (A.I.) chatbot for businesses called “Q.”

The chatbot, unveiled at a conference in Las Vegas, represents Amazon’s latest effort to challenge rivals Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOG/GOOGL) in the A.I. arena.

The introduction of Q comes one year after the Microsoft-backed OpenAI start-up company launched its ChatGPT chatbot, which has popularized the use of generative A.I.

Amazon said that Q is named after the character by the same name that is featured in the James Bond movies and is known for providing the super spy with his gadgets and technology.

A preview version of Q is available now. Once the preview period ends, the chatbot will cost $20 U.S. per user each month. A version with additional features for developers will cost $25 U.S. a month.

The Copilot business chatbot for Microsoft 365 and Duet A.I. chatbot for Google Workspace each cost $30 U.S. per person a month.

Amazon said that Q can help people understand the capabilities of its cloud-computing service and trouble-shoot issues. Q can also provide citations of documents to back-up its responses.

The chatbot can automatically make changes to source code so developers have less work to do and connect to more than 40 enterprise systems. People will also be able to upload and ask questions about documents while interacting with Q.

Amazon’s stock is up 71% this year and trading at $147.03 U.S. per share