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InfusionCon ICON Winner Uses Reputation Loop To Boost Customer Satisfaction Rates


PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / April 15, 2015 / Small business owner Brian Young was able to win the ICON Award for InfusionCon by using Reputation Loop to increase customer satisfaction rates. Some 3,500 people attended the conference and over 2,500 of these voted, leading to a majority vote for Brian Young's company and the work he did using Reputation Loop. The award demonstrates just what it means for a small business to thrive, and how digital media is fundamental in business growth.

"Winning an award like this is unbelievable," says Brian Young. "It recognizes all the hard work that my company has been able to do, and it is an opportunity to inspire others to do the same. I really couldn't be happier."

Through Reputation Loop, Brian Young's Company was able to obtain feedback from customers. The result was that Young and his company were able to identify what the customer concerns were. Using the information gathered, the company was able to make necessary changes and boost customer satisfaction rating from 85% to 98%. The result was the award that included a prize money of $10,000.

By using Reputation Loop's Infusionsoft API tool, the company has been able to fully automate the customer feedback process. Additionally, it has helped them to share information about the positive feedback that has been received. This information was converted into online reviews.

Young's company is Home Painters Toronto. This is a painting company that offers full service. When he first started his business, he worked on his own, going door to door and even cold calling. Today, he has transformed his business into one of the most successful commercial and residential full service painting companies in Toronto and beyond. He thanks Reputaion Loop's Infusionsoft API Tool for these results.

Indeed, since he invested in Infusionsoft in 2012, his revenue has grown by 350%. He has also been able to expand his team and he is able to have more time for himself, now working 65 hours per week instead of the usual 80. This has also enabled him to spend more time with his family, even allowing him to pick up his daughter from school on a daily basis.

"I set out to make a business for myself, and I have achieved those goals," says Brian Young. "I always knew it was going to be hard work, but it was worth it. I now finally have time to spend with my family, and they really are all that matters."

It seems that Brian Young's success is endless. Not only has he been awarded the Infusioncon ICON award, but he has also been named Marketer of the Year as well. Perhaps most importantly, however, these awards are well-deserved. Thanks to Reputation Loop, it has become possible to gather online reviews automatically, and these reviews all say the same: Brian Young's company is a fantastic company that actually delivers on what they promise.

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