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Why Athletes, Entrepreneurs and All High-Achievers Should Consider Nootropics


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2020 / Whether on the field or in the boardroom, operating at your ultimate cognitive state is crucial to short term and long term success in your career-no matter what your profession is. Over the years though, it seems like the amount of tools, vitamins and supplements hitting the market that improve physical performance has skyrocketed while products designed to improve mental function have seemed to plateau. There are only so many cups of coffee you can consume before the caffeine begins producing the opposite effect from the one you intended.

Recently, this has changed. With the rise in popularity of chaga mushroom coffee, productivity podcasts, microdosing in the startup world and other kinds of "life hacks", increasing cognitive performance has seen a sizable wave of public interest as of late. Leading the pack are nootropics-supplements used to enhance mental functions like creativity, memory and drive. According to one research firm, Zion Market Research, the market is on pace to reach $5.9 billion by 2024.

Whether you're a productivity junkie or a natural skeptic when it comes to enhancements, here are just some of the reasons why entrepreneurs, athletes and other high-performers should consider trying nootropics.

#1. The Mind as a Muscle

We ingest protein powder, hydrating formulas and other products for our bodies, so why don't we put the same emphasis on our cognition? Mental dexterity is especially important for those regularly involved in high-stress situations-from athletes to business professionals. Nootropics help improve mental dexterity across the board. They're also quite versatile in their effects. Ginkgo biloba is one type of nootropic that boosts mental sharpness and overall attention. Rhodiola rosea, on the other hand, de-stresses and relieves tension for those who take it. By treating your mind like you would a muscle, and regularly exercising it and ingesting supplements to help facilitate its growth and development, you'll put yourself in a position to win.

#2. Improved Decision Making

Billionaire entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos, has been on the record highlighting the importance of fast, efficient decision making when it comes to running a business or being in any position of authority. "Speed matters in business...if you're good at course correcting, being wrong may be less costly than you think."

No matter where you're at on the totem pole at your organization, by consistently making well-informed, educated decisions day after day, you'll eventually find yourself in a position of power-whether from getting promoted or running your own company. Guided decisions must be made swiftly in today's business landscape, and by investing in nootropics, you could provide your brain with the competitive edge it needs to push your company forward.

#3. Memory

Memory is another critical component of becoming the best version of yourself. Without a sharp memory, you might forget an important meeting, not contribute as much in a brainstorming session at work as you'd like, forget important metrics during a crucial sales call-the list goes on and on. This worry is exemplified by the growing impact of what's come to be known as "brain fog". Medical advice platform, Healthline, defines brain fog as a perpetual state of forgetfulness, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and the inability to focus.

Whether brought on by the meteoric rise of staring at a computer screen, ingesting too much caffeine or something else entirely-brain fog has become a widespread problem for individuals around the globe. In all likelihood, the prevalence of brain fog has almost certainly been a contributing factor to the rising popularity of nootropics in the first place. By trying out nootropics, you might be surprised at the results it gives you, as many patrons have credited it as a cure for their brain fog and poor memory.

#4. Avoiding Burnout

With pop culture's current obsession with "hustle" and hot startups, burnout is a phenomenon that's becoming ever-more common in today's economy. A recent Gallup poll found that ? of global workers have reported experiencing burnout as a result of their work on a regular basis. One way to avoid burnout is by consistently seeing improvement in whichever area or industry you're involved with. Seeing incremental progress at your job, in your athletic performance or another area can help you feel rejuvenated and incite excitement within you. To do this, peak cognitive function needs to be achieved, and supplements could help you get to the finish line.

#5. Follow the Leader

Lastly, no matter if you're an entrepreneur, athlete or manager, displaying leadership qualities will benefit you in the long run. By developing and practicing all the qualities mentioned above, you'll build confidence as a leader and cultivate the type of traits others will want to follow. When harnessed correctly, this can help sharpen your position as a leader and set the tone for the culture you're building throughout your organization, which will permeate down the ranks-from C-level executives to interns.

Where to Get Started

To get started, you'll need to decide which nootropics to try out. One company that's making waves in the space is LA-based Nuoptimal. Nuoptimal is aiming to make an imprint in the industry by providing effective, affordable, safe and clinically-backed nootropics to its customers.

Its flagship product, metaBRAIN, contains three distinct supplements-metaFOCUS, metaMEMORY and metaDRIVE-intended to boost focus, memory and motivation, respectively. Each purchase also contains a 16-page manual designed to give you the tools and framework needed to transform you into your most productive self. Here are just some of the other reasons to choose Nuoptimal.

  • Comprehensive and customizable: With metaBRAIN containing 31 nootropic ingredients in clinically-backed dosages, Nuoptimal provides one of the most comprehensive products on the market. Additionally, unlike competitors, Nuoptimal's supplements provide a customizable I'll solution based on body-weight and cognitive improvement goals.

  • Transparent ingredients: Today's nootropic market is saturated with products untested by third parties, "proprietary blends" that are secretive about their ingredients, and supplements containing harmful, toxic fillers. With Nuoptimal's products, you can rest assured that everything from its ingredients to its clinical research will be disclosed and fully available to the public.

  • Clinically backed: The ingredients used in Nuoptimal's metaBRAIN and other products are fully supported by clinical research. They're also working with Cambridge Brain Sciences to quantitatively evaluate and validate the effectiveness of their flagship nootropics box .

As an athlete, entrepreneur or other high-performing individual who relies on brainpower to make leaps in their career, taking care of your brain should be a top priority. With the scientific advances being made with smart drugs and other cognitive enhancements, it's the perfect time to try out nootropics. They just might provide you with the competitive advantage you've been looking for.

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