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Conscience Enterprise Throne Legacy Capital Ltd Dedicates Its Love and Help Fight Against the Outbreak


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2020 / It would have been a time of hope and opportunity for all, however, the beginning of 2020 had been brought into the haze by an epidemic. Affected by the Coronavirus, not only people's lives have been greatly affected, but also the economic situation of the whole market has been impacted. Fortunately, with the effective mobilization and solidarity of the society, China has shown its strength in the epidemic.

In the fight against novel coronavirus, many enterprises are actively taking social responsibility and contributing to the epidemic prevention work. For example, Throne Legacy Capital Ltd (TLC) is one of them.

After the outbreak, Throne Legacy Capital Ltd (TLC) immediately launched effective actions to organize the internal staff to learn the epidemic prevention measures and common sense of the virus, so as to ensure the safety of the staff as soon as possible. In the severe situation of epidemic spread, they are well aware that to ensure their own safety is to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Meanwhile, TLC believes that even if its internal security is guaranteed, the society still needs a lot of help. Only when all of us take action and give our best, can we truly eliminate the virus.

Therefore, TLC strived to extend their actions. For example, all kinds of medical materials are in short supply in epidemic prevention. TLC immediately worked out several emergency plans to help mobilize various channels to collect first-line medical supplies for the disaster, such as seeking foreign supplies of masks, disinfectants, medicines and other anti disaster tools.

Individual power may not be strong enough. In order to gather strength to fight the epidemic to the maximum extent, TLC also established a foundation, which gave full play to their industry influence, calling all colleagues and customers of the company to respond to the event together, and contribute a little to the front-line victims and medical staff.

Mr. Carl Ronny, the Executive President of of TLC, delivered a speech to all the guests at the new year's Party. On the one hand, he expressed deep regret for the impact of the new coronavirus on people and society, and encouraged people to maintain confidence in life and market conditions. The epidemic will eventually pass, and the future will be better.

In fact, TLC is a company specializing in foreign exchange investment, providing comprehensive asset management and global financial advisory services. It used the latest technology, combined with the security mechanism of foreign exchange investment and insurance guarantee, to build a set of EA intelligent trading system. Through this system, investors can also improve investment efficiency and obtain strong guarantee.

In May 2019, TLC officially became a member company of IBH investment bank in Labuan, Malaysia. IBH is an excellent large-scale international investment institution with strong financial resources. Supported by the powerful IBH, TLC can give full play to its industry advantages. The two sides have worked together to build a stable investment plan for investors by taking advantage of capital advantages and high-end technology standards.

To sum up, the market needs a strong corporate body, and more powerful and socially responsible enterprises like TLC. The epidemic shall pass, and the country's tomorrow will be better.

If you are ready for a better future, please visit the official website of TLC,, or contact [email protected].


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