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People Insights: Rani Zahed's Fresh Approach To Talent Management


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2020 / The world is constantly evolving through rapidly accelerating innovation and globalization-management practices must evolve alongside it. At least that's what Rani Zahed believes. Rani, a change and talent management consultant with 25 years in the industry, is the founder and lead Talent Leadership Consultant of RZ - Organisation Development Consultants.

According to Rani, one of the biggest issues facing businesses in today's constantly changing economic landscape is the difficulty many managers face when making and implementing challenging decisions. Without this key managerial tool at the ready, some of the biggest corporations in the world face the risk of mismanagement, stagnation, and failure.

Such difficulties span management across all countries and all industries. Rani has encountered and helped resolve them in his diverse consulting work both in Canada and abroad. As Rani has discovered first-hand, big names are not immune from big problems.

His efforts have helped organisations ranging from marketing giants like J. Walter Thompson and McCann-Erickson, to manufacturers including Honeywell and Guardian Industries, and even household hospitality names like Hyatt Regency Hotels.

At Guardian Industries, Rani harnessed his ability to transform people's behaviours and approaches to business in order to improve sales and productivity by managing the implementation a Behavioral Transformation model. At J. Walter Thompson, he collaborated with education institutions to develop an infrastructure called UJWT, which was designed to help students with career planning and development while ensuring that new hires came from a best-in-class talent pool.

He was also to boost people efficiency by introducing an HRMS system across three regions, allowing for the gradual phasing out of applications by training and coaching, as well as ensuring competence development.

But what exactly is his secret sauce? What difficulties do all of these disparate organisations have in common? Rani, with over 25 years in the training, development and HR management services industries, of which 15 were spent in his own consultancy Organisation Development Consultants, has realized two key things about organisations and their management.

The first of Rani's lessons was that the role of the consultant, which has also grown and evolved over the past decades, is now firmly that of the insight giver. The value add of Rani and his associates, and the reason the value add is not specific to any given industry, is the insight of a keenly trained eye looking at internal operations and relationships from the outside in.

These "People Insights", as Rani refers to them, are in some sense universal. They are unconstrained by the specifics of any given organisation or industry. For Rani, the relationships between people in an organisation and between staff and management are fundamental to success, yet they are often the most difficult to see and analyze clearly from the inside.

Having successfully learned to hone in on these social dynamics over many years, Rani and his consultants are able to provide best-in-class solutions to their clients that are of the highest value but are otherwise invisible, even in plain sight.

That is what allows him to introduce the right analytics and measurement mechanisms at the departments he leads and consequently ensure appropriate accountability. Getting these analytics and measurement mechanisms right means getting HR visible at the table.

The second lesson Rani has learned is that many organisations and their managers fail to have a proper framework for managing such relationships, both within HR departments and outside them. To combat this, Rani had developed a system he calls the Performance Prosperity Model (PPM), which is as generalizable as it is revolutionary when applied.

The Performance Prosperity Model forms the very core of the RZ - Organisation Development Consultants' approach. The PPM is based on a framework of mental models, science and business acumen, and is now a principal element of his service offering. The PPM allows Rani and his team to be a one-stop shop business solution for a wide array of clients requiring a diverse selection of services.

The service roster offered by RZ - Organisation Development Consultants includes HR and Business consulting, staff training, people development, transition management, job evaluation and performance management, change management consulting, talent management consulting, and more. Because all of these services are connected by people questions, they are all able to effectively solve problems and create sustainable frameworks by harnessing People Insights.

Rani, who has managed a fair bit of change in his own personal life, is beyond pleased at the positive impact his work has been able to have on such significant international corporations and organisations.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Rani's path led him to a high school experience split between Beirut, Lebanon and London, U.K., before finally settling him to spend the rest of his youth in Athens, Greece. It clearly wasn't long until the wanderlust returned, as he now resides in Hamilton, Ontario in between speaking, teaching, and consulting arrangements that regularly require him to go from continent to continent.

Despite an impressive list of accomplishments, Rani is far from finished. For him, success means always trying to apply oneself as much as possible-that means never settling for good enough and continuing to take on new challenges and collaborate with new people all around the world.

It's unsurprising that, for someone who deals with people management, people and their development are of the utmost importance. That's why Rani prides himself on his contributions to the growth of the many young professionals he has worked with, helped develop, and coached to properly prepare them to lead organizations and business units on a global level.

Rani also sees himself as an avid knowledge seeker, as someone in love with learning. For that reason, he prioritizes maintaining a progressively developing education, meeting new people, and reading on diverse subject matters as much as he does helping organisations and teaching others how to do the same.

Part of this ongoing education includes his achievement of the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) certification from the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) in 2018 and the achievement of a certificate in Strategic Leadership Agility from Schulich School of Business in 2019. For him, these certificates, as well as his other efforts, are simply a natural support for and extension of the Master's Degree he already holds in Human Resources from the U.K.'s Bournemouth University.

For Rani, general insights derived from an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the experiences he acquires while helping others help facilitate his own drive for success. And when you hold People Insights in your hands, you hold the power to help change the world for the better, starting with one person, one leader, at a time.

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