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Coronavirus: How to use the Power of Internet 3.0 to Fight this Epidemic


ARGENTEUIL, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2020 / The coronavirus pandemic is already affecting more than 3 billion people worldwide that are in confinement and more than 1.5 million people have been infected so far.

This unprecedented health crisis is struggling to be contained due to a lack of resources. The situation of hospitals, which are struggling to find masks, beds and equipment, is on everyone's mind. But there are also the researchers, who are in an unprecedented race against time: they have to find tests for the general public as quickly as possible, develop effective drugs and create a vaccine to stop the disease.

To help them, online funding pots are multiplying, such as calls for public generosity.

In this difficult context, it can be possible to go much faster by using the power of Internet 3.0 to solve faster the covid-19 issue.

How could this be done? Simply by using two levers:

  • Boosting the number of donations by using the fundraising mechanisms (ICO or IEO) from the blockchain world (fundraising with cryptocurrency);
  • Speeding up research with ultra-powerful research machines doing 24/7 computing at very high speed.

And this is not science fiction! These solutions of the future can be implemented now worldwide, without waiting. Some have already embarked on this path, such as some regions in the United States.
In order to save lives, there is therefore an urgent need to act. Nokenchain, the first French and European company of tokenization gave us more details below.

When Internet 3.0 is used to serve one's health

In the United States, the [email protected] project is using unused computer power to speed up calculations related to research on protein folding, which are very complex. With one goal: to find cures for many diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis etc...

But since it announced its involvement in the fight against covid-19, [email protected] has gained more than 400,000 members in 15 days, allowing it to perform a billion billion exaflop operations per second.

In the case of covid-19, a protein on the surface of the virus associates with another protein on the lung cell. It is thus a question of finding another protein (= a therapeutic antibody) which will come to block this infection. But for that, it is necessary to analyze in depth the structure of the protein of the coronavirus... which passes necessarily by many complex calculations.

The good news is that this type of research could very well be carried out, particularly in France.

Guillaume THUILLET, the founder of Nokenchain, points out:

"Thanks to Internet 3.0, we can set up super powerful machines that will be able to search 24/7! We could launch this project right now, based on the new NVIDIA Turing TU102 GPU architecture with 4352 stream processors (CUDA cores)."

Concretely, it would thus be enough to combine the computer power of the mining rigs with a software allowing research via distributed computing to start looking for cures for Covid-19.

Nokenchain is also trying to create a decentralized system of 5 actors in order to advance the 3.0 fight against the pandemic:

  • Dr. Bowman of Washington University and his [email protected] software,
  • Curecoin: the world's first [email protected] team,
  • Imperial College London, the English reference in medical research,
  • The Pasteur Institute, a key player in France for its research on diseases and vaccines;
  • Nokenchain, for its expertise in Blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokens.

Nokenchain launches the first tokens for medical research in French-speaking countries

In order to accelerate the knowledge on the Coronavirus, to find cures, to accelerate research in general (Alzheimer, Parkinson, ...), Nokenchain launches the first French-speaking initiative of large scale from an Internet 3.0 actor: the creation of 2 tokens dedicated to medical research.

There are thus :

The MALADIE token, dedicated to the creation of a permanent and semi-self-funded support to fight against diseases in general, to do medical research and accelerate it.

The TLRM token (Token of Fight and Research against Disease), which will allow to accelerate the research managed by [email protected] by the contribution of computing power.

All individuals and companies who wish to do so can therefore invest in these tokens to accelerate the implementation of medical research 3.0!

The various players around the world have a vested interest in grasping the opportunity of Internet 3.0 if they wish to remain in tune with today's challenges and the changing world of tomorrow.

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