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How Avi Grondin is Helping Service Businesses Scale Using A 5-Step Sales Process


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2020 / At the age of 24, Avi Grondin had already run 3 businesses - one of which led to an eventual sale, and some into the ground.

Despite these mixed results, about 2 years ago he decided it was time to have another crack. Equipped with a iPhone and an old laptop, the serial entrepreneur hit the phones, and Variance Marketing was born.

"I was working around the clock every single day, making around 200 cold calls a day, just calling any business that wasn't on page one of Google to try and get them on board, offering them SEO work," Grondin tells Yahoo.

Three days later, the marketing agency landed it's first client. Three years later, Variance Marketing has won many awards, with a two-year growth rate of 328% and revenue at the 7-figure mark.

Though the marketing agency is thriving today, it took now 24-year-old Grondin some time to move his business on from working out of his bedroom with a mobile device and laptop.

"I was just working from home, selling by day and doing SEO optimization by night. I was working 15-hour days in the beginning," he says.

However as business began to pick up, Grondin found he was losing clients due to a fairly fundamental flaw in how his business was running: he didn't have an office.

It wasn't until the founder lost a sizeable deal due to his lack of office space did he decide it was about time to "get in gear" and do something bigger.

Today Variance Marketing has over 25 staff across North America and Asia, helping businesses scale revenue through Avi's 5-step sales process. While Grondin puts a lot of this down to "the grind", much of Variance Marketing's success can be attributed to its unique approach to servicing clients.

"I noticed a fundamental issue with many companies out there."

"The issue was not their inability to generate more leads, but rather it was having a proper system in place to actually close those leads into sales predictably. I wanted to dissect companies for their core issues. I wanted to help companies first build a sales process that would actually convert leads to buyers, then I wanted to drive as many sales conversations and inbound sales opportunities from there," he says.

Grondin says the main thing he was tasked with in previous businesses he owned or worked in was the ability to get new customers and generate revenue, a dilemma he says has plagued small businesses for years.

He found other marketing agencies would operate off "fluffy" metrics, and quote high prices without any real guarantee, and decided he'd run things a little differently.

"We have performance guarantees, where if we don't hit our clients KPIs, we don't get paid and we have to work for free until we hit them," he says.

"I did this because a lot of potential clients in the space had usually been with one or two shady agencies and they were sceptical about promises. We were being met with friction over and over again."

"So instead of going against the grain and fighting that resistance, I ran with it, and decided to stick my neck out for my clients."

As for Variance Marketing's significant two-year growth, much of it has been done thanks to the agency practising what it preaches, along with a bit of good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing.

"I realized the core issue in most businesses out there, and decided to package a solution for them into a 5-step sales process to help them fix it," he says.

Grondin calls his 5-step sales process "Dealflow", and the technique has now officially helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs across the globe drive relevant utility to their businesses and increase revenue as a result.

"Dealflow is designed to bring in at least 15-30 new qualified sales appointments every week with people who actually want to work with you!" he says.

"The sales process involves giving free value to prospects, nurturing them with emails and retargeting ads over 30-90 days to prime them on your offer, converting them into a sales appointment on your calendar, then closing them with our battle tested sales script,"

Despite his serial entrepreneur past, Grondin thinks Variance Marketing will be a legacy play for him and doesn't see himself selling up and moving on any time soon.

However, he admits he's fallen prey to "shiny object syndrome" in the past.

"When you love building companies, everyone else's business looks more ideal than yours, and they always seem to not have the problems yours does," he says.

"In reality, there are just fundamental challenges all businesses struggle with."

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