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Karine Sho-Time Thornton Creates Opportunities for Upcoming Rappers Through Sho-Time TV


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 2020 / Karine "Sho-Time" Thornton has continually scaled Sho-TimeTV into one of the fastest-growing influential digital platforms in the music industry, a true force that aims to amplify the voices of rising artists into the global hip-hop landscape. Sho-TimeTV is the promotional platform for Sho-Time Battle Rap League, a well-established show that allows new talents to be discovered.

Amid a time when the music industry has become heavily saturated with new artists mushrooming every day, it has been increasingly difficult for one to make a name for themselves and rise above the noise. When Karine was starting as an artist, he knew that no one would give him the opportunities he needed to kickstart his career. The rapper had no choice but to test the waters himself and learn through experiences. Today, on a mission to help a new generation of artists achieve their dreams, Karine is using his brand to somehow make the journey easier.

Sho-TimeTV came as an answered prayer for the niche battle rap community. It levels the playing field for all individuals wanting to enter the entertainment industry as the platform welcomes both seasoned and upcoming artists. Sho-TimeTV's Sho-Time Battle Rap League has created countless solutions for a community of new artists determined to explore and maximize their potential. Karine wanted to develop a collective where everyone would feel welcomed and encouraged to pursue their talents.

"I want people to believe in themselves and don't wait for someone to discover them when they already know they are great," said Karine. Indeed, one of the biggest hurdles an artist could face is not the lack of talent but the absence of opportunities. Sho-TimeTV has been instrumental to the success of many talents since its founding. Besides covering battle raps, the platform also provides comprehensive stories about people and events in the music industry.

Karine admits that playing a pivotal role in the success of many is a difficult challenge. Still, the rapper and entrepreneur is thriving against the odds. To grow the brand consistently, Karine implores innovative marketing strategies such as post boosting, strategic product placements, and nurturing trends. Karine makes sure that audiences can easily connect with his brand through imagery, sounds, or logos.

Additionally, the rapper uses information cross-pollination, a method wherein a story that appeals to a larger audience is used to generate attention for smaller, niche groups. Above anything else, Karine emphasizes the importance of consistency despite the constant changes in the music industry.

Karine has established authentic relationships with some of the most prominent celebrities in the hip-hop scene, giving him leverage in covering red carpet events and offering first-hand information for aspiring artists. Sho-TimeTV is indeed a platform built on perseverance and commitment. Karine has made valuable connections since 2010, and today, he is using such relationships to propel other dreamers' career with integrity and a winning attitude.

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