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Partners in and Out of the Office: Creating Synergy in Medical Care Through the Merger of Medical Practices To Form Head to Toe Healthcare


TUCSON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2023 / Dr. Alan Shih is a board-certified podiatrist who has opted to focus on neuropathy. His wife, Dr. Zuraida Zainalabidin (Dr. Zie) is an optometrist who has an eye for detail. She functions as the Director of Optometry services at Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC while Dr. Shih caters to the needs of patients who come in for treatment of leg and foot issues. Together, they offer under one roof services that cover a wide spectrum of ailments including eye inflammation, dry eye, vision correction, neuropathy, ingrown toenails, arthritis, and tendonitis. The two practices have achieved a good deal of synergy by merging under the banner of Head to Toe Healthcare. In the same medical complex, there are other medical providers such as physical therapists, dentists and other medical specialties thus providing added value to patients.

Both Drs. Alan and Zuraida studied at the University of Michigan. Dr. Alan Shih has four years of residency training under his belt with the training being related to foot and ankle care including a mini-fellowship in Russia related to the renowned Ilizarov technique. He also worked with Dr. A. Lee Dellon of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine to learn extensively about surgical techniques and anatomy related to neuropathy in the legs and feet.

Dr. Zie earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and, during her final year, worked as an optometry technician at the national optometry chain, LensCrafters. This sparked her interest in optometry, later graduating as an optometrist from the Illinois College of Optometry. Upon graduation, she continued working with LensCrafters as an optometrist in Chicago. Both of them subsequently moved to Tucson to enjoy a warmer climate and set up their own practice Head to Toe Healthcare PLC.

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Commenting on their partnership, Dr. Alan Shih, the Founder of Head to Toe Healthcare PLC said, "Dr. Zie brings to our joint practice not only her expertise as an optometrist but also her eye for detail. Working together also gives us flexibility with regard to caring for our children and taking time off when needed. The flexibility of running a smaller business means that we can offer our patients more personalized treatment options as we do not have to stick to a rigid protocol as bigger institutions do. While we do not insist that our patients consult both of us, in case they need eye or foot services or vice versa, we offer them that option. This is of great benefit for patients who might need both of our services."

According to Dr. Shih, Dr. Zie has played a key role in ensuring that the practice offers its patients the highest level of customer service by creating a relaxed and friendly work culture. They have a conference table that can convert easily into a pool table and an onsite fitness center that employees can use. They go to great lengths to ensure that employees get proper work-life balance and avoid the burnout that characterizes the lives of many professionals in the medical field with trips to places like Disney World even while attending work-related events.

"We have been in practice for over 15 years, and have grown from our original 3,000 square foot office to a 5,000 sq feet office. We have gained a reputation as the go-to place for neuropathy and eye conditions and hope to build on it in the coming years." says Dr. Shih.

About Head to Toe Healthcare

Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC was formed by a podiatrist, Dr. Alan Shih, and his wife, Dr. Zuraida Zainalabidin who is an optometrist in order to provide advanced eye and foot treatments under one roof.

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