Nevada Power Company Seeking MOU with Swiss Firm

Thursday appears to be merger day in the small cap sector, and some companies are feeling a tremendous uplift with the friends they have made.

Nevada-based BioPower Operations Corporation (OTC:BOPO) has entered into a Binding Memorandum Of Understanding ("MOU") with WPP Energy GmbH, a private Swiss Company ("WPP"), to acquire a 90% interest in the Company.

Whether the deal goes completely through is still admittedly up in the air. But lots of hope is driving BOPO stock price up four cents, or 50%, in a kind of buy-the-rumor-sell-the-fact kind of transaction.

The Geneva-based WPP is seeking to be a repository for disruptive green energy technologies, aiming to make electricity available at lower costs and to reduce landfill waste by up to 97%

The stock’s price registered early afternoon on Thursday at 12 cents, on volume of 661,000 shares.