Healthy Could Also Mean Wealthy

Keeping bodies functioning well as people get older is a task valued more highly all the time. And some companies are sharing in more coin of the realm as a result.

Culver City, Calif-based eWellness Healthcare Corporation (OTC:EWLL) announced that for any non-affiliated holders of its common stock on Monday, the Company will issue to those holders a 20% dividend in the form of the issuance of one new share for each five shares of common stock owned by the non-affiliated shareholders.

CEO Darwin Fogt stated “Given the dilution that our common shareholders have experienced over the recent months, the Company believes that this 20% stock dividend is appropriate under the circumstances and will benefit all of our non-affiliated shareholders.”

EWLL claims to be the first physical therapy telehealth company to offer real-time distance monitored assessments and treatments.

Shares in eWellness went trucking Monday afternoon, gathering 42.9%, to four-100ths of a cent, on volume of 11.9 million shares.