Voyager Flat Ahead of Data Presentation

Voyager Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VYGR) saw its shares virtually unchanged first thing Friday, after the company announced preclinical data from a new vectorized anti-HER2 antibody program.

Data showed that IV dosing of a proprietary AAV vector identified by the TRACER screening technology, encoding an anti-HER2 antibody payload, prevented tumor growth in animal models of brain metastases.

Peripheral administration of TRACER AAV vector resulted in the production of efficacious levels of HER2-directed antibodies for extended periods.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company will present its findings Friday during the 26th Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) Annual Meeting.

"Today’s findings demonstrate that AAV gene transfer of HER2-directed antibodies to the central nervous system shows promise to treat brain metastases in patients with HER2+ breast cancer," said Chief Scientific Officer Glenn Pierce.

“While approved anti-HER2 therapies are effective for peripheral disease, they have limited ability to reach the CNS in sufficient concentrations to treat brain metastases. By using a proprietary, TRACER AAV capsid to deliver Voyager’s vectorized payload, and by utilizing brain cells to produce therapeutic antibodies, we have demonstrated a durable effect against CNS tumors in several mouse models. We look forward to continued optimization of this innovative gene therapy approach as we progress toward clinical development."

VYGR shares were down two cents to $3.15 as Friday trading got underway.