3 Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada

Bitcoin, the world’s top digital currency, has suffered a sharp drop over the past week. It has slipped back below the $60,000 U.S. mark at the time of this writing. Even so, Bitcoin and top cryptos like Ethereum are only gaining more momentum in the mainstream. However, many investors are still in the dark when it comes to directly purchasing cryptocurrencies. Today, I want to go over three ways to buy Bitcoin and Ether in Canada.

Buy and sell on a crypto exchange

Many crypto exchanges have popped up over the past five years. Crypto.com is one of the most popular options. It supports trading, investing, stalking, wallets, NFTs, and more to customers. Indeed, its large list of available cryptos is one of its biggest selling points.

Canadians may also want to consider exchanges like Coinsquare.com and CoinSmart. Coinsquare boasts a clean interface where investors can snatch up the top cryptos available. Meanwhile, CoinSmart also has a very beginner-friendly platform.

Add crypto through this fintech platform

Mogo (TSX:MOGO)(NASDAQ:MOGO) is a financial technology company that moved into the crypto space several years ago. It launched MogoCrypto in March 2018. This provides another avenue for Canadians to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Consider owning coins through an ETF

Some investors may be more interested in owning Bitcoin through a registered account. The Purpose Bitcoin ETF (TSX:BTCC.B) launched in February 2021. It offers direct exposure to Bitcoin. Moreover, Canadian investors still have the flexibility that is offered by owning an ETF.