More Than 20% Of U.S. Regulator’s Cases This Year Were Crypto-Related

U.S. regulator the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) brought 82 enforcement actions during its 2022 fiscal year, of which 22% were related to cryptocurrencies.

According to its annual report, the CFTC brought charges against several high-profile crypto-related enterprises over the past 12-months, including Tether and Bitfinex, which paid a combined $42.5 million U.S. in fines.

The CFTC’s report also highlights some of its other recent crypto-related actions, including charges against decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange Digitex, which it has accused of operating an illegal futures market.

In its latest annual report, the CFTC says that, over the last decade, it has brought in an average $1.5 billion U.S. each year in fines related to its securities enforcement measures.

The CFTC has an annual budget of $240 million U.S. and works alongside the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate financial markets in America.