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Donald Trump Says He Wants Remaining Bitcoin To Be Mined In U.S.

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that he wants all the remaining Bitcoin (BTC) to be mined within America.

Trump said that securing Bitcoin mining operations will help the U.S. become energy dominant.

In a post on social media, Trump said: “Biden’s hatred of Bitcoin only helps China, Russia, and the Radical Communist Left. We want all the remaining Bitcoin to be MADE IN THE USA!!! It will help us be ENERGY DOMINANT.”

Trump’s comments come after he met with executives of Bitcoin mining firms CleanSpark (CLSK) and Riot Platforms (RIOT).

The former president, who is running for re-election this November, reportedly told attendees at the meeting that cryptocurrency miners help stabilize America’s energy supply.

However, cryptocurrency mining is frequently criticized by environmentalists and even some energy executives for using an exorbitant amount of electricity and straining the power grid.

Cryptocurrency mining is concentrated in Asia and South America, where energy costs are cheaper than in more developed countries.

Bitcoin's supply is capped at 21 million digital tokens, which is scheduled to be mined through the year 2140, according to data from Coingecko.

To date, 90% of the available Bitcoin supply has been mined.

Trump has been increasingly supportive of cryptocurrencies on the election campaign trail. He is the first U.S. presidential candidate to accept crypto donations.

Bitcoin’s price has risen 58% so far in 2024 and currently trades at just under $70,000 U.S.