SuperCom Demurs After New Contract

SuperCom Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPCB) shares fell Monday. The company, last week, announced it won a new project in California valued at up to $4 million.

The Israeli-based global provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, IOT and Cybersecurity sectors announced Friday that through its fully-owned subsidiary, Leaders in Community Alternatives (LCA), SuperCom has won a new project in California to provide Juvenile Programing and Rehabilitative Services, valued at up to $4 million.

These types of projects are aimed at supporting those reentering the community from periods of incarceration by providing evidence-based and individualized services that contribute to a reduction in recidivism.

The award is a result of winning a formal competitive bid process administered by the county.

This new project is valued at up to $4 million over a five-year period, consisting of a two-year initial term with three optional one-year extensions and is expected to generate annual recurring revenues of approximately $800,000.

The award will go through the customary county approval process and negotiations before contract execution and project launch. The project is expected to launch in the summer of 2021.

"This award is a testament to our decades of experience and successful track record working with local law enforcement and public safety agencies with the goal of reducing recidivism, providing treatment and services, improving outcomes and changing lives," commented CEO Ordan Trabelsi.

SPCB shares gave up three cents, or 1.8%, to $1.35.