Chevron Noses Up on Q2 Numbers

Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX) is focusing investor attention on its second-quarter figures released early Friday.

The oil giant reported earnings of $3.1 billion ($1.60 per share - diluted) for second quarter 2021, compared with a loss of $8.3 billion ($(4.44) per share - diluted) in second quarter 2020. Included in the current quarter were remediation charges associated with previously sold assets of $120 million and pension settlement costs of $115 million.

Foreign currency effects increased earnings by $43 million. Adjusted earnings were $3.3 billion ($1.71 per share - diluted) in second quarter 2021 compares to an adjusted loss of $2.9 billion ($(1.56) per share - diluted) in second quarter 2020.

In Friday’s news release, the company says it exercised what it called "capital discipline", with year-to-date capital spending down 32% from a year ago. The company recently sanctioned the Jansz-lo Compression project in Australia, which is expected to maintain an important source of clean-burning natural gas. GS Caltex, a 50% owned equity affiliate, also started up an olefins mixed-feed cracker and associated polyethylene unit at its Yeosu, South Korea refinery ahead of schedule and under budget.

In the second quarter, Chevron continued to pursue the development of renewable and lower carbon fuels. The company began to produce renewable diesel at its El Segundo, California refinery by co-processing bio-feedstock.

The company also established its first branded compressed natural gas (CNG) station as part of its plan to sell renewable natural gas through more than 30 CNG stations in California by 2025.

CVX shares gathered 41 cents to $102.98.