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N2Off Heralds Breakthrough

N2OFF, Inc. (NASDAQ: NITO) shares were flat Tuesday. The company, an agri-food tech company offering sustainable solutions for agriculture and plant-based food, announced today its subsidiary NTWO OFF Ltd. (hereinafter and collectively with N2OFF the “Company”) achieved a breakthrough in reducing nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions by successfully applying its innovative bacterial technology to a corn cultivation. The Company believes this development marks an important advancement in sustainable farming practices and greenhouse gas reduction, tackling both environmental and agricultural challenges.

This morning’s news release reported the company has expanded its proprietary bacterial technology from wheat to corn cultivation. This development is particularly notable given that, as detailed in an article published on the DevelopmentAid website, over the course of 2023-2024, the United States produced 389.7 million metric tons of corn. This represents approximately one-third of the global corn production, making it the largest corn producing country.This expansion represents an important milestone in the Company’s ongoing research and technological advancements. By introducing a unique wheat-derived bacterium to corn, the Company achieved promising results in reducing nitrous oxide emissions in agriculture.

According to CEO David Palach, “We are thrilled to announce that our innovative bacterial technology not only addresses critical environmental challenges, opens new opportunities in sustainable agriculture and enhances our industry competitiveness.”

NITO shares dropped 0.5 cents, or nearly 1%, to 52 cents.