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ConAgra Boosts AI Reach

Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE: CAG) today announced it is advancing its artificial intelligence solutions through a human-centered approach that prioritizes responsible use of AI across the company. By putting employees at the center of its AI strategy, Conagra aims to drive efficiencies by leveraging innovative tools to develop, optimize and reimagine its capabilities. This approach empowers employees with resources that accelerate decision-making, efficiently synthesize large data sets and enable growth.

Conagra is utilizing generative AI, intelligent automation and strategic collaboration with Microsoft and EY to enhance its IT, Supply Chain, R&D, Demand Science, Brand and Design operations. Examples include:
Fueling Employee Empowerment and Productivity: By utilizing Microsoft technology solutions, such as Microsoft Power Platform and Azure OpenAI Service, Conagra employees utilize agile tools to drive productivity and automate routine tasks. In addition, the company has tested new solutions to solve more complex manual processes within its production facilities. For example, Conagra and Microsoft joined forces for a two-day hackathon to develop new automated product labeling procedures to improve the accuracy of key information found on product labels, aiding traceability and quality assurance.

Enhancing AI-Driven Branding Solutions: Conagra and EY are exploring the potential of generative AI models to develop branded imagery to support marketing and advertising projects. The teams are evaluating existing design processes and product images, fine-tuning datasets and training AI models to create images that can be tailored to specific brand requirements.

CAG shares ditched five cents to $29.29.