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Health Concerns Shine out with Markets Going South

On a day when humankind is concerned with the health of his neighbour, be that neighbour human or otherwise, it’s perhaps appropriate that among the few good buys to be found on small-cap markets are in the health-care sector. Even there, they are few and far between.

With new cases of the coronavirus popping up all the time, everything on American markets pointed downward Monday, sector-wise, with health-care off 2.9%, making it among the “least-worst” sectors in which to place investor money (Source:

On Canadian indices, health-care stocks were bruised 4.4%, which is why was so remarkable that Ottawa-based life sciences concern Avivagen Inc. (TSX-Venture:VIV) announced positive and statistically significant results from its recently completed New Zealand dairy trial that demonstrated OxC-beta Livestock’s contribution against sub-clinical mastitis.

Mastitis is one of the costliest diseases for treatment in the dairy industry, as animals infected with mastitis must be treated by antibiotics, requiring that the infected dairy cows be removed from milk production until fully healthy in order to ensure that their milk does not contain antibiotics.

VIV shares picked up three cents, or 4.3%, to 74 cents, on volume of 241,000 shares. While neither VIV nor its American counterpart pulled the sectors out of the mud, their achievements was all the more noticeable.

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (OTC:GNBT) shone some light on the general gloom with word that Financial Industry Regulatory Authority,(FINRA) has officially posted the Generex 2:5 stock dividends in Generex and NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology to its website, and the dividends are being paid out today.

Said Generex CEO Joe Moscato, “I would like to extend my congratulations and sincere thanks to our valued shareholders, because we can now officially declare that the stock dividends will be paid on Monday (the 24th) as FINRA has posted the approval of our corporate action on their website.”

GNBT shares climbed 12.5 cents, or 20.1%, to 74.5 cents, on volume of 471,000 shares