Yield Growth Building Value with Psychedelic IP as Chart Makes Double Bottom

Historically, most of a company's value was measured by physical assets. In 2020, that is not the case. Intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, etc. – is where value is calculated. Research indicates that non-tangible assets constitute 80% of an average company’s value today. In emerging markets, like that of psychedelics, getting IP in place in vital to unlocking value and positioning for future growth.

This fact has not escaped The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS)(OTC: BOSQF), a Vancouver-based company that has moved at light speed to cement an early position in the nascent field of medicinal psychedelics, namely psilocybin and psilocin, compounds found in so-called “magic” mushrooms. The company is a phytoceutical and consumer packaged goods company specializing in acquiring IP related to plant-based products and therapeutics that serve as cornerstones for new product development.

Through its majority-owned subsidiary, NeonMind Biosciences, Yield Growth is looking to capture share in the $4.2 trillion global wellness market and a psychedelic segment forecast by Data Bridge Market Research to climb 16.3% annually to $6.9 billion by 2027.

Again, IP is king here, with product as queen. Across its family of companies, Yield Growth has 14 patent applications filed, 20 products on the market, and 200 proprietary products at various stages of development. Always opportunistic, the company recently launched new hand sanitizer products in response to COVID-19 under its Urban Juve brand.

NeonMind this week added to its IP portfolio, filing a U.S. provisional patent application for the invention relating to therapeutic administration of psilocybin, psilocin and any analogs thereof combined with supportive therapeutic treatment for a patient to provide weight loss benefits and treatment for related health issues. Filing in the U.S. provides NeonMind with rights protecting its IP for one year to file for patents in more than 170 countries that are members of the Paris Convention.

“By most standards, magic mushrooms and related compounds were pegged only to the hippy culture, but that stigma is changing drastically,” said Penny White, CEO of Yield Growth, in a phone conversation with Baystreet.ca. “The seismic shift is owed largely to the legalization of marijuana, which enlightened consumers, lawmakers and scientists alike to the medical values and opportunity to explore new pathways for cannabinoids where traditional medicines have failed people miserably. Finally changing that paradigm has paved the way for more rapid acceptance of psilocybin therapy.”

FOMO, or fear of missing out, has investors starting to pour into psychedelics for their tremendous upside potential.

Psilocybin is theorized to have a litany of health benefits, including helping with weight loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and, perhaps ironically, even drug addictions. Weight loss, of course, is a catalyst to control many deadly diseases, including cardiovascular maladies and diabetes (along with its bevy of co-morbidities), as well as reducing susceptibility to other chronic problems like high blood pressure, renal failure, urinary incontinence and more.

NeonMind is at the forefront of a movement that is building momentum. The company’s provisional patent is for a proposed guided psychedelic psilocybin therapy protocol using psychotherapy prior to, during and after the psychoactive effects of the psilocybin are felt by the patient. The strategy is to help patients understand positive psychedelic experiences, which then can be integrated into everyday life to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome.

This is a case of looking back to move forward. For centuries, people have used psychedelics for their divine spiritual and medical applications, albeit harvesting shrooms, consuming honey produced by bees that fed on psychotropic flowers or any other number of means. NeonMind says that microdosing psilocybin can help patients explore unresolved issues embedded in the subconscious, including examinations of pain, building self-esteem, and shedding unhealthy mechanisms related to overeating, amongst other things.

Yield Growth is keeping upcoming work under its umbrella to a certain extent, as NeonMind in December contracted Translational Life Science (TLS) to design pre-clinical research of psilocybin for weight loss. The first study is expected this fall, which will provide data for a mid-stage clinical trial next year. Yield Growth owns 68% of NeonMind, which, in turn, holds 18% of TLS.

Technically, the stock is making a “double bottom” at 12.5 cents, a bullish pattern that will catch the eyes of chart traders considering when BOSS hit that support level in March, it rebounded to 23.5 cents in just nine days.

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