Diversification, Growth and Stability: Why This 5.9% Yield Can Fit All Portfolios

Dream Global REIT (TSX:DRG.UN) is a great option for investors looking to grab a great dividend while also diversifying their portfolio. With more than 200 properties spanning Germany, Austria and Belgium, Dream Global gives investors the opportunity to invest in the real estate of some of Europe’s top countries. It can add some much-needed balance for North American investors that might be worried about high real estate prices in some Canadian and U.S. markets.

Often times investors diversify by different segments and industries but neglect geographical diversification. And while some companies may have operations in different parts of the world, Dream Global’s focus is on the European market and it’s not just a small source of revenue for the company.

REITs are often very consistent in their sales, and this stock is no exception. Dream Global has been able to generate good, steady growth with sales rising by more than 7% in its most recent quarter. And revenues in the three previous quarters have stayed tightly around $88 million. With the stock trading right around its book value, Dream Global is a good option for all types of investors; Whether you’re looking for value, growth or dividends, there’s something for all types of portfolios.

Best of all might be the stock’s dividend, which pays a very appealing yield of 5.9%. And with payments being made monthly, investors can generate a lot of recurring cash flow for their day-to-day needs. Although I wouldn’t expect the stock to increase its payouts anytime soon, its yield is already very strong and should attract a lot of dividend investors.