Why Las Vegas Sands and its 4.9% Yield Could Be a Safe Bet for Dividend Investors

Las Vegas Sands Corp (NYSE:LVS) is coming off a disappointing quarter that saw the company fall short of expectations.

However, for investors, this could simply be a great opportunity to buy the stock at a reduced price and lock in a higher dividend yield. In less than a week, the stock has fallen more than 4%, and over the past 12 months it is down a total of 11%.

With some key Las Vegas properties in its portfolio, including the Venetian, the stock still looks like a very good buy today. As long as tourists continue to flock to Las Vegas and seek out the company’s high-prized assets, the stock will remain an attractive long-term investment.

It could also be a good way for investors to add some diversification in an industry that might have good odds of withstanding a recession. Given that the company will depend heavily on tourism, it means that even if the U.S. economy may not be doing too well, visitors from other parts of the world could generate a lot of revenue for Las Vegas Sands.

And although revenues were flat in its most recent quarterly results, the company continues to produce solid numbers overall. That’s very important for investors, particularly for a stock that pays a dividend.

Currently, Las Vegas Sands shareholders earn a relatively high payout of around 4.9%.

So whether you’re an investor looking for a good dividend or perhaps you just want some diversification, Las Vegas Sands could be a great option to add to your portfolio.