Why Tesla Shares May Rally Big Again

For a few months, CEO Elon Musk preoccupied his Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) account with posts about bitcoin. Now that his attention is back on Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and its latest Plaid release, the stock may recover.

In the second quarter, Tesla delivered 1,890 Model S/X units and almost 200,000 Model 3/Y vehicles. The 206,421 vehicle production in the period would leave around 5,000 units in inventory. Those deliveries are strong results. The pure-play EV firm continues to widen its lead against the traditional carmakers. For example, General Motors (NYSE:GM) still depends on gas-powered vehicles for revenue. It announced billions in spending to position itself in the EV market.

Ford Motor (NYSE:F) is similarly late in the game. The company announced an electric F-150, which sent the stock sharply higher. Yet Ford, like GM, will have to spend billions to catch up to Tesla. Tesla has a global distribution and supply chain. It has a supercharger network in all major locations. Its development costs are low because it has a strong demand for the existing line-up of vehicles.

Tesla shares tested the $600 level on at least three occasions in 2021 and bounced from there. Chances are good that the stock will find support on its rising 200-day moving average and trend higher throughout this summer.

The company reports quarterly results later this month.