Shares Rip on Collaboration Going To the Moon and Paid For With DOGE

Originally created as a joke, dogecoin continues to stun the investment community as it becomes a legitimate investment. And now the coin is funding a mission to the Moon—and this software technology team is along for the ride.

AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company announced an advisory agreement with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) for their SpaceX DOGE-1 mission to the Moon.

This will be the first commercial payload to the Moon paid with Dogecoin, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and will deploy a small CubeSat into lunar orbit that will be equipped to record video of the satellite’s pixel display screen that is enabled to play digital content, including NFT art. This screen will then be live streamed to social media.

Shares of AppSwarm were on a tear, up 31% in early-afternoon trade.