If Cryptocurrencies Are Too Speculative for the World's Best Money Managers, Should You Be Getting In?

The cryptocurrency mania which has taken financial markets by storm has invited the masses to come along for the ride; while many have made a ton of money in recent years by buying and holding onto what seems to be more of an asset than a currency (insert speculative as you wish), the reality remains that the trading that underpins cryptocurrencies is impossible to track, meaning investors wondering who is trading these virtual coins and what trends are leading to increased volume are out of luck.

Some of the world's most influential finance icons have called the crypto craze dangerous, and while some investors are likely to heed the warnings handed down by said experts, central bankers, and economists from around the world, the reality is that fear of missing out may indeed drive prices higher in the near-term as return-hungry investors push aside concerns about risk, focusing almost entirely on what the eventual payout could be by loading up their bitcoin wallets.

While the blockchain technology underpinning cryptocurrencies everywhere indeed has value, and large banks are likely to adopt their own version of crypto-transaction software, improving on the safety and security these platforms allow for, with perhaps more transparency, I would argue that the virtual coins which are being traded like tulip bulbs in 17th century Holland ought to be pushed aside by cautious fundamental investors interested in playing a long-term game.

Invest wisely, my friends.