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TSX New Listings

Company NameTickerDate
Mackenzie Canada Low Volatility ETFMCLV06/05/2024
Mackenzie Global Dividend ETFMGDV06/05/2024
Mackenzie US Low Volatility ETFMULV06/05/2024
Sprott Physical Copper TrustCOP.U06/05/2024
Franklin All-Equity ETFEQY06/04/2024
Franklin Conservative Income ETF PortfolioCNV06/04/2024
Franklin Core ETF PortfolioCBL06/04/2024
Franklin Growth ETF PortfolioGRO06/04/2024
Brompton Canadian Cash Flow Kings ETFKNGC05/31/2024
Brompton U.S. Cash Flow Kings ETFKNGU05/31/2024
Global X All-Equity Asset Allocation Covered Call ETFEQCC05/28/2024
Fidelity Emerging Markets FundFCEM05/21/2024
Fidelity Global Equity+ Balanced FundFGEB05/21/2024
Fidelity Global Equity+ FundFGEP05/21/2024
Fidelity Tactical High Income FundFTHI05/21/2024
Global X Enhanced Nasdaq-100 Index ETFQQQL05/21/2024
Global X Enhanced S&P 500 Index ETFUSSL05/21/2024
Global X Short-Term Government Bond Premium Yield ETFPAYS05/21/2024
Accelerate Diversified Credit Income FundINCM05/14/2024
Global X Artificial Intelligence & Technology Index ETFAIGO05/14/2024
Global X Innovative Bluechip Top 10 Index ETFTTTX05/14/2024
Global X Nasdaq-100 Index ETFQQQX05/14/2024
Global X S&P 500 Index ETFUSSX05/14/2024
Global X S&P/TSX 60 Index ETFCNDZ05/14/2024
Infrastructure Dividend Split Corp.IS05/08/2024
CI Global Artificial Intelligence ETFCIAI05/06/2024
Guardian Investment Grade Corporate Bond FundGIGC04/29/2024
RBC Target 2025 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQN04/23/2024
RBC Target 2026 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQO04/23/2024
RBC Target 2027 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQP04/23/2024
RBC Target 2028 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQQ04/23/2024
RBC Target 2029 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQR04/23/2024
RBC Target 2030 Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETFRQS04/23/2024
RBC Target 2030 Canadian Government Bond ETFRGQS04/23/2024
RBC Target 2030 U.S. Corporate Bond ETFRUQS04/23/2024
Desjardins American Equity Index ETFDMEU04/17/2024
Desjardins Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETFDCBC04/17/2024
Desjardins Canadian Equity Index ETFDMEC04/17/2024
Desjardins International Equity Index ETFDMEI04/17/2024
Harvest Balanced Income & Growth Enhanced ETFHBIE04/12/2024
Harvest Balanced Income & Growth ETFHBIG04/12/2024
Harvest Industrial Leaders Income ETFHIND04/12/2024
G2 Goldfields Inc.GTWO04/09/2024
TD Target 2025 Investment Grade Bond ETFTBCE04/08/2024
TD Target 2025 U.S. Investment Grade Bond ETFTBUE.U04/08/2024
TD Target 2026 Investment Grade Bond ETFTBCF04/08/2024
TD Target 2026 U.S. Investment Grade Bond ETFTBUF.U04/08/2024
TD Target 2027 Investment Grade Bond ETFTBCG04/08/2024
TD Target 2027 U.S. Investment Grade Bond ETFTBUG.U04/08/2024
Franklin Canadian Government Bond FundFGOV04/05/2024
Evovest Global Equity ETFEVO03/27/2024
Evolve Artificial Intelligence FundARTI03/22/2024
BMO Gold Bullion ETFZGLD03/07/2024
BMO Gold Bullion Hedged to CAD ETFZGLH03/07/2024
GEx Minerals Ltd.NGEX02/22/2024
TD Cash Management ETFTCSH02/21/2024
Canadian Large Cap Leaders Split Corp.NPS02/21/2024
Mackenzie World Low Volatility ETFMWLV02/16/2024
Satellos Bioscience Inc.MSCL02/15/2024
Greenfire Resources Ltd.GFR02/08/2024
Hamilton U.S. Financials Yield Maximizer ETFFMAX02/06/2024
Hamilton Healthcare Yield Maximizer ETFLMAX02/06/2024
Hamilton Gold Producer Yield Maximizer ETFAMAX02/06/2024
Hamilton Energy Yield Maximizer ETFEMAX02/06/2024
Patriot Battery Metals Inc.PMET02/01/2024
Horizons USD High Interest Savings ETFUCSH.U01/17/2024
Invesco Morningstar Global Next Gen AI Index ETFINAI01/17/2024
Invesco US Treasury Floating Rate Note Index ETF (USD)IUFR.U01/17/2024
CI U.S. Enhanced Momentum Index ETFCMOM01/15/2024
CI U.S. Enhanced Value Index ETFCVLU01/15/2024
Harvest Canadian T-Bill ETFTBIL01/15/2024
Harvest Premium Yield 7-10 Year Treasury ETFHPYM01/15/2024
G Mining Ventures Corp.GMIN01/11/2024
Arrow EC Equity Advantage Alternative FundADIV01/10/2024
2028 Investment Grade Bond TrustIGBT.UN12/20/2023
Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.CURA12/14/2023
Prime Mining Corp.PRYM12/05/2023
Mackenzie All-Equity Allocation ETFMEQT11/17/2023
Mackenzie Canadian Government Long Bond Index ETFQLB11/17/2023
Mackenzie Canadian Ultra Short Bond Index ETFQASH11/17/2023
Mackenzie US Government Long Bond Index ETFQTLT11/17/2023
Tralucent Global Alt (Long/Short) Equity FundTGAF11/16/2023
Guardian International Equity Select FundGIES11/13/2023
Guardian Canadian Focused Equity FundGCFE11/13/2023
IA Clarington Loomis Global Equity Opportunities FundIGEO10/30/2023
IA Clarington Strategic Corporate Bond FundISCB10/30/2023
IA Wealth Enhanced Bond PoolIWEB10/30/2023
Hamilton Technology Yield Maximizer ETFQMAX10/25/2023
Hamilton U.S. Equity Yield Maximizer ETFSMAX10/25/2023
Dynamic Active Canadian Bond ETFDXBC10/23/2023
Dynamic Active Global Equity Income ETFDXGE10/23/2023
Dynamic Active U.S. Equity ETFDXUS10/23/2023
Dynamic Active U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFDXBU10/23/2023
Purpose Active Balanced FundPABF10/23/2023
Purpose Active Conservative FundPACF10/23/2023
Purpose Active Growth FundPAGF10/23/2023
Horizons Enhanced All-Equity Asset Allocation Covered Call ETFEQCL10/10/2023
Horizons Enhanced All-Equity Asset Allocation ETFHEQL10/10/2023
Horizons Enhanced Canadian Oil and Gas Equity Covered Call ETFENCL10/10/2023
Horizons Enhanced NASDAQ-100 Covered Call ETFQQCL10/10/2023
Horizons Growth Asset Allocation Covered Call ETFGRCC10/10/2023
Horizons Growth Asset Allocation ETFHGRW10/10/2023
Horizons Long-Term U.S. Treasury Premium Yield ETFLPAY10/04/2023
Horizons Mid-Term U.S. Treasury Premium Yield ETFMPAY10/04/2023
Horizons Short-Term U.S. Treasury Premium Yield ETFSPAY10/04/2023
Lithium Americas Corp.LAC10/04/2023
Evolve NASDAQ Technology Enhanced Yield Index FundQQQY10/03/2023
Evolve Enhanced Yield Bond FundBOND10/03/2023
BMO Long Short Canadian Equity ETFZLSC09/29/2023
BMO Long Short US Equity ETFZLSU09/29/2023
BMO S&P/TSX 60 Index ETFZIU09/29/2023
BMO USD Cash Management ETFZUCM09/29/2023
Harvest Premium Yield Treasury ETFHPYT09/27/2023
Hamilton U.S. Bond Yield Maximizer ETFHBND09/14/2023
iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense Index ETFXAD09/11/2023
iShares Semiconductor Index ETFXCHP09/11/2023
iShares S&P/TSX Energy Transition Materials Index ETFXETM09/11/2023
iShares S&P U.S. Financials Index ETFXUSF09/11/2023
iShares NASDAQ 100 Index ETFXQQU09/11/2023
Allied Gold CorporationAAUC09/11/2023
Hamilton Thorne Ltd.HTL09/07/2023
Collective Mining Ltd.CNL09/06/2023
Forstrong Global Income ETFFINC08/09/2023
Forstrong Global Growth ETFFGRW08/09/2023
Forstrong Global Ex-North America Equity ETFFINE08/09/2023
Forstrong Emerging Markets Equity ETFFEME08/09/2023
Invesco Russell 1000 Dynamic-Multifactor Index ETFIUMF07/26/2023
Invesco Morningstar Global Energy Transition Index ETFIGET07/26/2023
Invesco International Developed Dynamic-Multifactor Index ETFIIMF07/26/2023
CI U.S. Money Market ETFUMNY07/24/2023
CI Money Market ETFCMNY07/24/2023
Gamelancer Media Corp.GMNG07/19/2023
Evolve NASDAQ Technology Index FundQQQT07/11/2023
Guardian Ultra-Short U.S. T-Bill FundGUTB.U07/10/2023
Guardian Ultra-Short Canadian T-Bill FundGCTB07/10/2023
Uranium Royalty Corp.URC07/06/2023
Horizons Equal Weight Banks Index ETFHBNK07/06/2023
Horizons Enhanced US Large Cap Equity Covered Call ETFUSCL07/05/2023
Horizons Enhanced S&P/TSX 60 Index ETFCANL07/05/2023
Horizons Enhanced Equal Weight Canadian Banks Covered Call ETFBKCL07/05/2023
Horizons Enhanced Equal Weight Banks Index ETFBNKL07/05/2023
Horizons Enhanced Canadian Large Cap Equity Covered Call ETFCNCL07/05/2023
TerrAscend Corp.TSND07/04/2023
BMO Global Enhanced Income FundZWQT06/22/2023
BMO U.S. Equity Growth MFR FundZUGE06/22/2023
BMO U.S. Equity Value MFR FundZUVE06/22/2023
Quipt Home Medical Corp.QIPT06/21/2023
Saturn Oil & Gas Inc.SOIL06/15/2023
Hamilton Utilities Yield Maximizer ETFUMAX06/14/2023
Brompton Split Corp. Preferred Share ETFSPLT06/14/2023
Foran Mining CorporationFOM06/12/2023
Vox Royalty Corp.VOXR05/29/2023
US Premium Cash Management FundMUSD.U05/26/2023
Premium Cash Management FundMCAD05/26/2023
CI Growth Asset Allocation ETFCGRO05/19/2023
CI Equity Asset Allocation ETFCEQT05/19/2023
CI Conservative Asset Allocation ETFCCNV05/19/2023
CI Balanced Income Asset Allocation ETFCBIN05/19/2023
CI Balanced Growth Asset Allocation ETFCBGR05/19/2023
CI Balanced Asset Allocation ETFCBAL05/19/2023
RBC U.S. Discount Bond (CAD Hedged) ETFRDBH05/17/2023
RBC U.S. Discount Bond ETFRUDB05/17/2023
RBC Target 2029 Government Bond ETFRGQR05/09/2023
RBC Target 2028 Government Bond ETFRGQQ05/09/2023
RBC Target 2027 Government Bond ETFRGQP05/09/2023
RBC Target 2026 Government Bond ETFRGQO05/09/2023
RBC Target 2025 Government Bond ETFRGQN05/09/2023
RBC Target 2024 Government Bond ETFRGQL05/09/2023
TD Global Technology Leaders CAD Hedged Index ETFTECX04/26/2023
TD Canadian Bank Dividend Index ETFTBNK04/26/2023
TD Active U.S. Enhanced Dividend CAD Hedged ETFTUEX04/26/2023
Purpose USD Cash Management FundMNU.U04/26/2023
Horizons 0-3 Month T-Bill ETFCBIL04/12/2023
Horizons 0-3 Month U.S. T-Bill ETFUBIL.U04/12/2023
Harvest Diversified Equity Income ETFHRIF04/11/2023
Harvest Travel & Leisure Income ETFTRVI04/11/2023
Hamilton Canadian Bank Equal-Weight Index ETFHEB04/03/2023
Lithium Royalty Corp.LIRC03/08/2023
Eloro Resources Ltd.ELO03/06/2023
Hammerhead Energy Inc.HHRS02/24/2023
CIBC International Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)CIEH02/24/2023
Invesco S&P International Developed Dividend Aristocrats ESG Index ETFIIAE02/22/2023
Invesco S&P US Dividend Aristocrats ESG Index ETFIUAE02/22/2023
Invesco S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats ESG Index ETFICAE02/22/2023
CI Utilities Giants Covered Call ETFCUTL02/17/2023
PetroTal Corp.TAL02/16/2023
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex China Index ETFXEMC02/10/2023
iShares Global Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Index ETFXDEV02/10/2023
iShares Core Canadian 15+ Year Federal Bond Index ETFXFLB02/10/2023
iShares 20+ Year U.S. Treasury Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)XTLH02/10/2023
iShares 20+ Year U.S. Treasury Bond Index ETFXTLT02/10/2023
Discovery Silver Corp.DSV02/03/2023
Mulvihill U.S. Health Care Enhanced Yield ETFXLVE01/31/2023
Probe Gold Inc.PRB01/27/2023
BMO US TIPS Index ETFTIPS01/26/2023
BMO US Aggregate Bond Index ETFZUAG01/26/2023
BMO Global Agriculture ETFZEAT01/26/2023
BMO Covered Call Health Care ETFZWHC01/26/2023
BMO Covered Call Energy ETFZWEN01/26/2023
CI U.S. Minimum Downside Volatility Index ETFCUDV01/23/2023
CI Global Minimum Downside Volatility Index ETFCGDV01/23/2023
Hamilton Canadian Financials Yield Maximizer ETFHMAX01/20/2023
CIBC U.S. Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)CUEH01/20/2023
CIBC Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETFCSBI01/20/2023
RBC Canadian Dividend Covered Call ETFRCDC01/16/2023
RBC U.S. Dividend Covered Call ETFRUDC01/16/2023
Evolve S&P/TSX 60 Enhanced Yield FundETSX01/09/2023
Evolve S&P 500® Enhanced Yield FundESPX01/09/2023