How to Never Pay for Books Again

Reading is a worthwhile way to spend your leisure time. Not only does it help exercise your brain more effectively than passive activities like watching TV, but just one book can jump-start an idea that can truly change your life.

There’s just one problem. If you’re a voracious reader, the habit can easily cost $100 per month, or even more. Cheap soft cover books can cost as much as $20 or $30 these days.

There are numerous ways to read on the cheap. The easiest is to join your local library. My library has thousands of books on hand and access to tens of thousands more. In the 15 years I’ve been a member of my local library, they’ve only failed to get one book for me. That’s an impressive record.

Libraries have come a long way in the last decade, with many now offering impressive digital resources. My library – along with hundreds of others – offers access to e-books and audio books using the Overdrive app. There are thousands of books available there, but be warned. Popular ones will go quickly.

Then there are other alternate methods. The book file sharing underground market is strong, with popular locations offering a selection of millions of books. Users can then use third-party programs to transfer these books to their e-readers or read them on their computers.

But there are dangers in illegally downloading books, including viruses. In addition, authors don’t get any royalties on books that are shared this way. Ultimately, if everyone shared books in this way, no author would ever see any rewards.