How Facebook (FB) Plans to Save The World

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg penned a letter to the Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) community focusing on one huge issue. How can the social network use its power to bring greater good to the world?

Zuckerberg envisions a much different world than today, saying “progress now requires humanity coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community.” In short, Zuckerberg is concerned about recent nationalistic sentiment in the United States, and envisions Facebook being used as a way for people to come together no matter what their race, religion, or beliefs.

Today’s biggest issues don’t really affect one nation in particular, Zuckerberg said, pointing out issues such as terrorism, climate change, and pandemics. They will require everyone working together to a solution.

Zuckerberg thinks this can be accomplished by building communities with five important facets. They must be supportive, safe, informed, civically-engaged, and inclusive. He intends to use these principles to “help people make the greatest positive impact while mitigating areas where technology and social media can contribute to divisiveness and isolation.”

It’s a grand vision, but ultimately Zuckerberg was short on details. Sure, some of Facebook’s recent products -- including the Safety Check system, which tells friends you’re safe after a disaster -- do incorporate these guiding principles. But remember, many fake news websites used the social network leading up to the U.S. election to spread false info.

Cynics also allege Zuckerberg is preparing himself for a political career and the posting is designed to further his public persona.

Facebook shares didn’t care about the news, falling $0.27 per share or 0.20% each in Friday’s trading.