3 Simple Ways to Spend Less on Clothes

I’m sure we’ve all had a similar moment. We take one look inside our closet and think how did I let this get so far out of control?

I know I sure have; it happened when I last moved. So I went through every piece and donated the stuff that either didn’t fit anymore or I never wore. I also threw out a bunch of worn out stuff.

I swore I’d never let my closet get that bad again. Here are three ways I’m doing so, spending less on clothes in the process.

One in, one out

I have a very simple rule. I can’t buy anything until I throw something out. And even then I make sure to think about buying something before I do.

This happened recently with a stained dress shirt. Even though the shirt was ruined, I realized I still had half a dozen more dress shirts. There was no need to replace it right away.

Don’t buy junk

I used to be terrible at this. I’d buy clothes I didn’t even like because they were on clearance for under $10. Look at the great deal!

I don’t care how cheap something is, it’s no deal if you’re going to wear it once and then bury it in the back of your closet. It’s better to invest in brands you know you’re going to love.

Thrift stores

I first embraced thrift stores a few years ago when I found a name-brand shirt with the price tag still on it for 90% off the suggested retail price.

I’ve easily saved hundreds of dollars on clothes since, without any quality issues. Nobody has noticed a thing, either.