Medical Tourism Could Save You Thousands

It has happened to many of us, especially those who don’t have comprehensive benefits from our employer. We go into the dentist’s office for something routine and come out with a recommendation for something that will cost thousands of dollars.

Some Canadians refuse to pay the price, choosing instead to partake in medical tourism. They can jet to a much cheaper part of the world and get the work done for a fraction of the price. Essentially, they combine a vacation with a needed medical procedure. Depending on the work needed to be done, potential savings could be as much as $5,000. Even more.

Most medical professionals argue against the practice, saying the last thing you should cheap out on is your health. They have all sorts of horror stories from past clients who regret going abroad for treatment.

But there are thousands of Canadians who have had great luck getting dental work, plastic surgery, or laser eye procedures done in cheaper countries. The work is often done by an American or Canadian trained doctor in a facility with state of the art equipment. The savings come from low wages paid to support staff and reduced fixed expenses.

Many of these clinics use the internet to market themselves to more affluent customers, and they are strategically located a short distance away from major hotels. They’re serious businesses that want to earn repeat customers. The larger ones have thousands of reviews, which are mostly positive.

Don’t let your doctor scare you. Medical tourism can save you a lot of money while creating an excuse to visit an exotic locale.