Beyond Big Tech: Key Players Fueling the $1.8 Trillion AI Infrastructure Boom

USA News Group – With the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution seemingly fully underway, big tech is investing billions globally into AI data centers that are needed to make it work. According to analysts at Arizton, investment in the US Data Center Construction Market alone is set to reach $47.72 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 11.69% along the way. Globally, the AI Infrastructure Market is set to grow even faster at a CAGR of 30.4% from 2024 to 2030, according to Grand View Research on the way to more than $1.8 trillion. Behind the scenes, there are several tech innovators and developers beyond chipmaking giant NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) that are making significant moves to power the AI revolution, including Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV: KSUM), Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO), Vertiv Holdings Co (NYSE: VRT), and Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL).

Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV: KSUM) (OTCPK: ALSCF) recently announced that its investee company Cedarcross International Technologies has secured another significant contract for H100 GPU servers from NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA). As per the $1.37-million deal, Cedarcross signed on to distribute 3 Nvidia H100 HGX 8GPU servers, with an option for its counterparty to purchase up to an additional 200 servers, which would potentially increase the contract’s value to $91.8 million by September 30, 2024.

So far to date, Cedarcross has now achieved approximately $29.6 million in cumulative revenue for the year to date, within its high-performance computing (HPC) server distribution business.

"This deal represents a significant milestone for Cedarcross," said Morgan Good, CEO of Alset. "It substantially increases their revenue, and highlights their strong partnerships, which provide access to high-performance computing Nvidia GPU servers for both in-house use and third parties. Additionally, this distribution vertical enhances their existing compute leasing business unit, fostering diversity in their offerings and deeper market penetration."

In an interview earlier this year, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman emphasized the importance of computing power, suggesting that "compute" will be the "currency of the future." Aligning with this vision, Cedarcross is strategically positioned to meet this growing demand by offering access to the world's fastest AI servers, powered by Nvidia's H100 HGX GPUs.

This latest deal followed closely after another recent Alset announcement of a strategic partnership with AI data engineering and automation pioneer, NOM NOM AI Inc. by its other investee company Vertex AI Ventures Inc., which is seeking to offer Data Management tools to companies, to improve their customers’ business intelligence and ability to innovate. The collaboration between Vertex and Nom Nom is anticipated to deliver numerous advantages for future clients. These benefits include improved data observability, insights, optimized machine performance, and real-time analytics, especially for those using AI computing infrastructure from Alset's portfolio companies. Nom Nom's expertise in data retention and disposition policies ensures robust data security and compliance, addressing essential concerns in today's digital landscape.

"Nom Nom's expertise perfectly complements our offerings seamlessly, enabling us to deliver exceptional value to clients," said Niko Kontogiannis, Director of Vertex. "By integrating Nom Nom's patent pending data management technology, we are uniquely positioned to cultivate long-term client relationships by enhancing data quality, security and infrastructure performance.”

Also working with NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) to improve access and computing power in data centers is Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO), which recently unveiled a breakthrough AI cluster solution with the chipmaking giant. As a leader in security and networking, Cisco’s new enterprise-ready solution scales generative AI workloads by combining Cisco AI-native networking with NVIDIA accelerated computing, AI software, and a VAST data store, as part of the Cisco Networking Cloud vision. It enables customers to concentrate on AI-driven innovation and revenue opportunities rather than IT management.

“Customers often face economic and operational challenges to get an AI stack up and running. Cisco is committed to making the deployment and operation of AI infrastructure simpler,” said Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Networking. “Together with NVIDIA, we are delivering a simple-to-deploy, cloud-operated AI-stack solution for on-premises deployments that builds on our Cisco Networking Cloud platform vision for automation and simplicity.”

Coming off of declaring another cash dividend in early June, Vertiv Holdings Co (NYSE: VRT) recently launched its new AI Hub, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap in AI deployment and infrastructure for data centers. Vertiv's AI Hub offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including white papers, industry research, tools, and power and cooling portfolios for both retrofit and greenfield applications. A standout feature is the new reference design library, which presents scalable liquid cooling and power infrastructure supporting chip sets ranging from 10kW to 140kW per rack.

Vertiv has a history of sharing cutting-edge technology and insights for the data centre industry,” said Giordano (Gio) Albertazzi, CEO of Vertiv. “We are dedicated to providing deep knowledge, a broad portfolio, and expert guidance to enable our customers to deploy energy-efficient AI power and cooling infrastructure for current and future uses. Our close partnerships with leading chipmakers and innovative data centre operators position us uniquely to assist our customers and partners on their AI journey.”

In another monumental meeting of the minds, Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) recently announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to collocate data services and network interconnect in the tech giant’s data centers. As per the deal, Google Cloud will house Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s database services and high-speed network interconnect to further simplify cloud migration and multi-cloud deployments.

“Customers want the flexibility to use multiple clouds,” said Larry Ellison, Chairman and CTO of Oracle. “To meet this growing demand, Google and Oracle are seamlessly connecting Google Cloud services with the very latest Oracle Database technology. By putting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware in Google Cloud data centers, customers can benefit from the best possible database and network performance.

Starting in September, Oracle Database@Google Cloud will be launched, offering top-tier performance at the same pricing as OCI. This service provides customers with direct access to Oracle database services running on OCI but hosted in Google Cloud data centers.



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