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Job Vacancies In Canada Rose 3.8% In September

The number of job vacancies across Canada rose 3.8% in September to just under one million unfilled positions.

Statistics Canada said there were 994,800 job vacancies throughout the country in September, due largely to seasonal variations.

The number of vacancies in the accommodation and food services sector increased 12% to 152,400, while the construction industry’s job vacancies rose 14% to 93,900.

The number of job vacancies in manufacturing fell 11.3% to 76,000 in September.

On a year-over-year basis, Statistics Canada said the total number of job vacancies nationwide was unchanged from September 2021.

The job vacancy rate, which measures the number of vacant positions as a proportion of total labour demand, stood at 5.7% in September, up from 5.4% in August of this year, but down from 5.9% a year earlier.