Three-Quarters Of Workers Are Seeking A New Job Or Would Accept A New Position

Are you considering quitting your job? If yes, you’re not alone. A new survey has found that three-quarters (75%) of Canadian workers are actively looking for a new job and planning to jump ship as soon as they can.

Research conducted by Nielsen on behalf of human resources software company Ceridian found that among 1,001 Canadians surveyed, 37% said they were either actively or casually looking for a new job, and another 36% said they'd consider a new position if recruited.

Last month (November), the unemployment rate in Canada hit its lowest point since Statistics Canada started tracking that data 40 years ago. Given the tight labour market for skilled workers, the survey said companies can't assume that staff will stick around — even for a few years.

In fact, most of the employees surveyed said they knew within one year on a job whether or not they'd stay long-term. Better pay was the reason cited most often for seeking a new position. After compensation, people were most likely to leave their current job because they didn't find their work interesting, followed closely by not feeling respected, and by a lack of opportunity to take on new responsibilities.