This International ETF Offers a 4.5% Yield, Plus More

Investors have been told to diversify outside of Canada for years now, with experts citing reasons like exposure to better growth areas. It turns out there’s another compelling reason – yields are quite good in other markets.

The BMO International Dividend ETF (TSX:ZDI) currently pays a 4.5% dividend, a very nice distribution in today’s world. It also pays dividends monthly.

The ETF invests its capital in developed markets outside of North America. It has 101 different positions, split among 11 different sectors. The largest weighting is in the financial sector, followed by consumer discretionary, industrials, and utilities.

All four of these sectors have traditionally been favored by dividend investors for their steady payouts.

Nearly 21% of assets are invested in companies headquartered in the United Kingdom, with 17.4% put to work in Australia.

Up next is France, where 12.7% of assets are invested, and then Spain at 8.1%. The largest individual holdings are Endesa S.A. (which is headquartered in Spain) and Energias De Portugal. Combined they make up about 3.5% of assets.

The ETF is rebalanced in both June and December, and it charges a 0.45% management expense ratio. According to Google Finance, just over 10,000 shares trade hands daily, which is ample liquidity for most retail investors.

 The ETF first debuted in January 2015. It has returned 14.83% since inception through February 28, including reinvested dividends. It has outperformed the TSX Composite during that time.

The BMO International ETF is a good choice for investors looking to expand their dividend exposure to markets outside of North America.