Invest Like a Billionaire with This ETF

Copying the style of Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, or Bill Ackman has been popular with investors for years. Since each is forced to release his holdings each quarter using a 13F form, it’s easy for regular folks to directly copy these ultra-successful (and ultra-rich) investors.

There’s an ETF that tries to make it even easier for individual investors to follow in the shoes of the most successful market participants. It’s the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (NYSE:IBLN).

The iBillionaire index tracks the leading 30 large-cap stocks that a select group of U.S.-based investment billionaires have been heavily investing in. The data is based on their 13F filings.

The index is made up of 30 mid- and large-cap stocks which are all equally weighted at approximately 3.33% of the portfolio, with the index being re-balanced quarterly. Top holdings include Alphabet, Apple, Time Warner, Microsoft, and General Motors. Surprisingly, Berkshire Hathaway is not among the 30 holdings.

The ETF does pay a quarterly dividend of approximately $0.04 per share, which is a trailing yield of 0.6%. It’s a relatively small fund with a market cap of just $37.5 million.

Results haven’t been great. Shares are up 11.5% since the ETF’s August, 2014 debut. The S&P 500 is up 23.4% in the same time. Both results don’t include dividends. If we did include dividends, the S&P 500 lead would be even higher.

The management fee is currently 0.65%, which is guaranteed by the fund manager through at least 2018. Without that guarantee, the normalized expense ratio is 1.01%, which is quite high.